Mendix launches new release of Model-driven Software Platform

Mendix proudly announces the official beta-release of version 2.4 of its Model-driven Application Delivery Platform. The new release now offers an extensive set of enterprise capabilities, further enabling the user in developing dynamic business applications across organizational boundaries. The new release has been developed in close collaboration with Mendix implementation partners and end-users. Mendix launched the release at their community event, the “Mendix Model Experience” in Rotterdam.

Mendix 2.4: powering the extended enterprise

The latest release has been designed to further empower business analysts to play a central role in the development of flexible and process-driven business applications. Especially when building applications that extend business processes to customers and partners across the value chain, it is extremely important to have integrated capabilities such as internationalization, advanced Webservice support, role-based security and a very flexible, role-based user interface model.

New features & benefits

– Internationalization:
Mendix now supports full internationalization of your applications. You can translate your application into the native languages of the end users. Each user can then view the application in their language of choice. This is a big win for portal applications that are accessible to customers and partners all over the world. Based on roles, user preference, or even browser settings the preferred language is automatically selected and displayed in the application.

– Visual XML mapping:
Mendix now offers the powerful option to visually map (external) XML data to the Mendix business object model. This capability further eases and accelerates the integration of your Mendix applications with existing systems, both within and outside your organization. Mendix XML mapping is a fully integrated feature of the Mendix Business Modeler, so both business and software engineers can efficiently cooperate in building and integrating new business applications.

– 1-click Webservice support:
Now Mendix offers new and improved support for publishing and consuming Webservices. Using only 1 mouse-click you can expose your Mendix application as a Webservice. Integrating existing services is simply a matter of dragging & dropping them in your Mendix application model.

– Personalized WebTop:
Mendix 2.4 introduces the Mendix WebTop, a personalized Rich Internet Dashboard designed to further enhance a personalized user experience. The Mendix WebTop provides users with a personalized dashboard where users can visually configure personal widgets, reports, short-cuts, RSS feeds and more. Also, application administrators can create, publish and share pre-defined dashboards with roles and user groups.


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