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Code Share without the Code: Mendix Model Share Delivers Major Breakthrough for Rapid Developers

Industry-First Capabilities Deliver One-Click Experience for Sharing, Embedding and Reusing Executable Application Models

BOSTON March 9, 2015 – Mendix, the enterprise app platform as a service (aPaaS) company, today extended its track record of innovation with the launch of Mendix Model Share. For the first time ever, rapid developers can share live and fully functional application models on the web with just one click, enhancing their ability to collaborate with each other and save time by instantly re-using app components.

While visual, model-driven development delivers major productivity advantages over traditional programming methods, one challenge has been how to easily share and reuse functional application components, like the way programmers copy-paste code. That’s no longer an issue, as Mendix Model Share makes sharing executable application models as easy as sharing videos on YouTube, presentations on SlideShare or Gists on Github.

“With Model Share, Mendix delivered something I have never seen before but will make a huge difference for every rapid developer,” said Bob Wing, Senior Developer with Boston Globe Media Partners. “Quickly sharing pieces of your work in a way that others can use, give feedback and run them instantly is a game changer. This will be used every day throughout the Mendix developer community and is going to greatly improve how we share, collaborate and learn from each other.”

With one click, rapid developers can share visual, executable models to the Mendix Model Share website; embed them anywhere (websites, blogs, forums, etc.); and reuse this functionality in their own projects. By enabling developers to bring their examples to life with all the details of their executable models, Mendix Model Share greatly enhances collaboration and knowledge sharing among the Mendix community. In addition, the ability to instantly reuse fully functional application components further accelerates developer productivity.

Example of an embedded application model:

“Mendix Model Share is truly a breakthrough in visual, rapid application development,” said Johan den Haan, CTO of Mendix. “No other Application Platform-as-a-Service offers the ability to instantly share and reuse visual application models that are actually live, executable app components. We’re excited to see how this innovation sparks further collaboration and productivity gains within our community of rapid developers.”


Mendix Model Share is free to all Mendix Developers and available in beta at

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