Sustaira, the Sustainability App platform, joins Mendix ISV and Siemens Digital Industries Software Solution Partner ecosystems

BOSTON January 13, 2022 – Sustainability platform provider Sustaira today announced that it has joined the Mendix independent software vendor (ISV) program and has become a Siemens Digital Industries Software Solution Partner.

Mendix is a Siemens business and global leader in enterprise application development. The Mendix ISV Program assists companies of all sizes that are developing, bringing to market, selling and deploying software solutions built on the Mendix™ low-code platform.

The Siemens Digital Industries Software Solution Partner ecosystem is committed to developing comprehensive global partner programs that enable partners to drive innovation and deliver exceptional customer value across multiple industries. Each partner type possesses unique skills, expertise and value to meet the technology, digitalization and solution requirements of today’s customers.

How Sustaira Helps Companies with Sustainability and ESG

With the growing demand for Sustainability and environment, social and governance (ESG) transparency and actions, solving the challenges to success are crucial. Organizations struggle due to siloed data and inefficient aggregation and reporting. Tracking progress and results based on set goals, when requirements and legislations are constantly changing, is hard. These issues make organizations incapable of turning insights into measurable actions, such as engaging employees and suppliers to make a difference.

As a fast-growing and innovative Sustainability software platform, Sustaira is on a mission to alleviate these challenges. Sustaira offers three solution categories for organizations to accelerate their Sustainability journey: First, the All-In-One Sustainability App Platform, bringing all Sustainability elements together from Sustainability and ESG goal setting, data aggregation, to taking action, employee engagement, sharing results and reports. Second, organizations can adopt any of the customizable Sustainability App Templates, such as Sustainability Goals & KPI tracker, Carbon Footprint Calculators, Emissions accounting, Diversity-Equity and Inclusion insights, and Gamification. Third, Custom Sustainability web and mobile app delivery based on low-code app development and reusable software building blocks.

“Sustaira makes it easier to aggregate and report sustainability and ESG data, while also making it actionable, insightful and rewarding” said Rohit Tangri, Global Vice President, Portfolio Strategy and Business Development, at Mendix. “We are excited to have Sustaira as a new addition to our growing ISV Program.”

This collaboration signifies an impact to sustainability across all industries, including manufacturing, energy & utilities, construction, retail, education, government and logistics. The added Mendix capabilities and greater ecosystem enables Sustaira to truly ‘connect the dots.’ The core team of Sustaira, both on the business and technical side, has a tremendous amount of low-code application experience with a focus on developing and launching innovative web and mobile apps. Sustaira Founder and CEO Vincent de la Mar helped launch Mendix in North America 14 years ago and grow the company to a successful acquisition by Siemens in 2018. After being responsible for the go-to-market and sales execution at Smart App company TimeSeries, acquired by Mendix in June 2021, he knew it was time to bring the network together and rally around what’s arguably the most important domain of our generation: Sustainability. As Vincent states:

“We have a tremendous opportunity to do the right thing. To combine entrepreneurial apps and technology expertise within the Sustainability and ESG domain so we truly make a difference and accelerate the Sustainability journey organizations are taking. Organizations are struggling to succeed quickly, and we can help them with innovative and proven software solutions…”

The Sustaira team have previously succeeded with valuable customer and partner engagements. These experiences, a beautiful ecosystem and network, and thousands of customers are coming together to rapidly make a difference in the Sustainability and ESG domain. As Suzanne Kopcha, Siemens Digital Industries Software Vice President of Strategy explains, “As one of the most innovative companies worldwide, Siemens is constantly focused on enabling our customers with ingenious software solutions. Sustainability is at the heart of what we stand for and this partnership with Sustaira combines both aspects. We’re excited to contribute and support such an innovative team on a clear mission to truly make a difference in the Sustainability domain.”

Sustaira is an open sustainability software platform where partnerships, similar to the Mendix and Siemens one, are central in its value proposition. By collaborating within the ESG and Sustainability domain, and by enabling organizations to make a difference around the world, Sustaira continues to make sustainability more transparent, easier, and actionable with its increasing software portfolio. To learn more about the Sustainability App platform and Sustaira’s app templates for ESG and Sustainability, please visit

About Sustaira

Sustaira is the Sustainability Software Platform for all your web and mobile Sustainability and ESG solutions. Imagine a world where cutting edge technology and Sustainability domain expertise are combined. Sustaira offers 3 sustainability solution categories: Our all-in-one Sustainability App platform, app templates, and custom web and mobile initiatives. We’re going beyond goal setting, data gathering and reporting. Sustaira makes it actionable, accountable, scalable, and rewarding. As a 360-degree software platform, Sustaira is on a mission to accelerate Sustainability and ESG initiatives by enabling and empowering Sustainability Directors to make their organizations more Sustainable. Faster. Sustainability starts with Sustaira.

    About Mendix

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