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Evolve Your Apparel & Footwear Business to the New Shopping Paradigm

Five Technology Trends That Will Disrupt the Apparel and Footwear Industry

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To equip themselves to respond more quickly and effectively to sudden shifts in marketplace demands and consumer expectations, apparel and footwear brands and retailers are increasing their investment in technology. According to IDC, IT Investment in those industries will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10% from 2020 to 2025.

Those investments will remake customer experiences at every stage of the shopping journey: attraction, discovery, purchase, and post-sale. Traditional operating schemes will give way to fully integrated omnichannel tactics.

In planning those IT investments, brands and retailers will need to factor into their designs certain technology trends bringing about a new paradigm in shopping.

  • The cloud as an innovation lever
  • Omnichannel user experience
  • Augmented and virtual experience
  • Sustainability

The one trend that powers them all

As brands and retailers wonder how to best prepare themselves to gain the advantages of these technology trends, IDC is pointing them toward the emergence of enterprise application development platforms powered by low-code. These platforms enable brands and retailers to create applications in a simple, intuitive way that facilitates process automation.

To discover more about the benefits of these emerging technology trends, and how an enterprise application development platform powered by low-code could be the one key to unlocking those benefits, download a free copy of the IDC Spotlight Evolve Your Apparel & Footwear Business to the New Shopping Paradigm.