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How Automotive Supplier Schaeffler Group Democratizes App Development with a Low-Code Platform

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Increasing Agility and Efficiency in a Crowded Marketplace

With the electric vehicle market poised to grow sixfold over the remainder of the decade, original equipment manufacturers are rushing into the market to get in on the boom. According to Accenture, established companies risk losing 30 percent of their revenue to competitors by 2035. Our recent webinar reveals how one leading tier 1 automotive supplier is using low-code to keep in front of its cutthroat competition.

The Schaeffler Group, a leading global supplier to the automotive and industrial sectors, continues to thrive in a crowded marketplace 75 years after its founding by incessantly seeking out the best tools for maximizing its agility and efficiency. In our free on-demand webinar, Jakob John, Schaeffler digital process transformation & demand coordination, will share how Schaeffler grew their business and empowered their workforce by adopting a low-code application development platform.

Creating a company of contributors

Using low-code, Schaeffler has been able to democratize its app development, opening the way for both its IT and non-IT workforce to serve as key stakeholders, contributors, and consumers in the company’s digitalization journey.  This has enabled Schaeffler to:

  • Boost their efficiency and ability to innovate
  • Reduce the time to value for their use cases

Jakob is joined in the webinar by Sonja Thomas, Mendix senior industry manager, automotive. Sonja demonstrates how a low-code application development platform can significantly accelerate your digital transformation.

To learn more about how a low-code application development platform can leap you ahead of your competition, watch the webinar for free.