How to Choose the Right Rapid Application Development Platform

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When it comes to application development platforms, you have choices. And that’s great! But it can also be confusing, because you also have lots of challenges you’re trying to address with your applications. And you might find that different platforms address different problems.

What’s the best approach to choosing the platforms that suit your needs? And what’s the most efficient way to utilize them as your challenges shift?

In this on-demand webinar, speakers from IT consultant Atos, logistics company Mammoet, and chip manufacturer ASML will share their success stories in selecting the right off-the-shelf application development platforms for their range of challenges.

Hear the experts, join the conversation

We know how important the issue of choosing the right application development platform is, so we want to make sure you have every opportunity to participate and engage with the speakers.

You’ll hear from:

  • Arjan van Gompel, senior manager of low-code platforms for Atos, about his approach to mapping organizational challenges to the proper application development platforms.
  • John Helmink, manager of business applications and digital innovations for Mammoet, as he describes his strategy for navigating between application development platforms as Mammoet progressed on their digital transformation journey.
  • Srini Popuri, System Architect at ASML, about their process for choosing platforms and how that led them to select Mendix’s low-code platform.