Myths and Misconceptions about Low-code for Public Sector

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Low-code has transformed the public sector. There are countless success stories from government administrations using low-code to modernize core processes and improve operational efficiency. Still, many myths about low-code persist and dissuade public sector groups from adopting this resourceful technology.

Learn the truth about low-code. Our new eBook, Myths and Misconceptions about Low-code for Public Sector, dispels the common myths about low-code and shows how, in fact, your organization might benefit from this framework.

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  • How government administrations successfully use low-code application development to meet the needs of the public
  • How public sector organizations can rapidly improve operational efficiency and citizen engagement
  • Why low-code does not overburden the modest budgets of municipalities or community groups
  • What elements of low-code are most complementary to public sector organizations