The All-In-One Sustainability and ESG Application Platform

Work in the right direction by measuring and visualizing DEI metrics effectively. Be a change maker by calculating the carbon footprint of the organization on all levels.

Monitor the energy usage and convert that usage into how much CO2 is equivalent. Collect information online from multiple stakeholders and locations with Sustainability & ESG data aggregation and Surveys.

Fully Configurable Modules

All the Sustaira Application templates are building blocks to your sustainability and ESG journey. These are meant to be customized and tailored to fit your organization’s unique needs.

Seamless Integration

Seamlessly integrated to your existing internal and external systems through APIs or managed integrations. Sustaira acts as a smart layer on top of your data sources allowing you to expand on what you already have and fill in any gaps.

Fast, customizable implementation

Maintain, create, or expand on your ESG and Sustainability “building blocks” rapidly and easily. Every Sustiara offering is able to be customized and tailored to fit your needs or any changing requirements.

Single view launchpad

Having a platform, or an application layer over your data sources and over your other stakeholders, such as suppliers, is a must have! Sustaira’s Launchpad offers a single overview of all of your ESG and Sustainability solutions.


Multi-Tenancy capabilities allow for customized views depending on user type. Have different access for management, employees, or even external shareholder such as suppliers.


  • Sustainability and ESG Goal Tracker

    The Sustainability and ESG Goals and KPI Tracker is designed with pre-built projects and KPIs related to sustainable initiatives such as the UN’s SDGs. If you don’t use the U.N. goals, you can customize this template to fit your needs, perfectly!

  • Carbon Footprint Calculators

    Starting with measuring energy metrics, we’ve created an application that helps you calculate your carbon footprint. Monitor your energy usage and convert that usage into how much CO2 that is equivalent to. Use these benchmarks to set goals, make changes, and view results.

  • Carbon and Emission Accounting, Scope 1, 2 and 3

    Monitor the progress you’re making towards your sustainability goals with Sustaira’s Carbon and Emission Accounting Application Template. Dive deeper into your Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions. Awareness begins with you but can expand all the way into your supply chain and on!

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion actionable insights

    Use dashboards and charting for easy visualization of DEI metrics. Get a clear view of your organization and even set alerts to notify you if your organization is trending in the wrong direction, and kudos for meeting goals and/or trending in the correct direction.

  • Sustainability & ESG data aggregation and Surveys

    The Sustainability and ESG Data Aggregation & Data Intake Survey is used by organizations to efficiently collect information online from multiple stakeholders and locations.

  • Employee Travel Emissions

    The Employee Travel Emissions Application is used by employees to review their carbon footprint as it relates to travel. For example, flights, hotel stays or commuting.

  • Carbon Offsetting

    The Carbon Offsetting Application is used by employees, students or management to review their carbon footprint as it relates to expenses. Calculate the carbon footprint of a flight then, decide to donate a percentage or dollar amount to offsetting CO2.

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