Mendix for Electronics

Create secure, end-to-end transparency across the entire electronics manufacturing supply chain

Assemble the connected electronics value chain.
Accelerate collaborative innovation.

With distributed production, supply chains, consumer expectations, industry regulations, and increasing financial pressure, electronics manufacturers must create trust through the extended and connected value chain.

The Mendix low-code development Platform helps manufacturers develop electronics applications for more connected digital experiences — from the small supplier to the global OEM, the top floor to the shop floor, and from supply to consumer.

Consumer driven experiences

The speed of change is ever increasing in the electronics ecosystem. The demands of the consumer are creating complexity in the design and manufacturing world, while at the same time driving new business processes that engage the consumer in a more personal way. The product often includes services as well, pushing innovation beyond technology to the customer experience.

Mendix helps electronic manufacturers create digital experiences along the value-chain by:

  • accelerating systematic support of NPIs (new product introductions)
  • simplifying consumer engagement and feedback collaboration
  • automating workflows to manage mass customization needs

In a consumer-driven era, engagement experiences like complaint management are crucial. Mendix’s Complaint Management app extends Teamcenter quality so that customers and suppliers can log and review complaints in easily personalized portals. It also includes a mobile app with offline capabilities.

Simplify complex electronics supply chain mangement

The electronics sector also serves larger verticals such as automotive, aerospace and defense, industrial machinery, consumer products, medical devices, etc. This extensive supply chain — both for the electronics manufacturer and higher tier suppliers and OEMs they serve — creates tremendous complexity in serving the needs of each of these unique customers.

Mendix provides a simple way to create engaging experiences, with transparency across both a network of suppliers and a network of OEMs. Mendix provides:

  • agility in systems for predictability and consistency
  • insights and augmented decision engagement
  • intelligent automation of workflows for in-plant logistics with external dependencies

With low-code development, Mendix has built Smart Warehousing, an app that creates transparency with up-to-date inventory statuses. Leveraging Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and low-code helps manufacturers automate, simplify, and accelerate material handling processes.

Emerging technologies

The electronics industry is embracing emerging technologies (ex. 5G) in their products at an unprecedented pace, bringing more regulations due to different needs and mandates across industries. Pressure is mounting for manufacturers to achieve compliance and establish processes that ensure trust and security.

By accessing all data sources in the manufacturing enterprise, Mendix empowers you to build intuitive engagement experiences. Platform capabilities abstract away the technical details of underlying systems. Mendix offers powerful intelligence to any level of the business user, including the most strategic decision makers and regulatory bodies, with:

  • multi-experience access with emerging technologies (AR, voice, text to speech, etc.)
  • connections to IoT, edge, cloud, and existing core systems
  • assembly of the right intelligence for every user

Emerging technologies and next-generation workforces are shaping the way stakeholders are gaining connected experiences, while also streamlining regulatory adherences. Mendix’s multi-experience and cognitive capabilities include text-to-speech, speech-to-text, augmented reality experiences, and more.

Globalization and new markets

Electronics spans multiple industries, and with distributed manufacturing hubs comes additional organizational complexity. Monitoring performance across various sites while customizing products for the local market creates unique requirements for supporting enterprise systems.

In high-mix, small-lot-size environments, Mendix solutions give electronics manufacturers rapid, adaptable, targeted solutions that augment core systems and allow more proactive engagement across new market collaborations and launches. Mendix also helps manufacturers implement:

  • new business experiences at the pace of global market changes
  • human-centric engagement experiences to new market stakeholders
  • agility in new business models expanding proven market methods

In the era of expanding new markets for electronics across different industries and geographics, launching new products requires a simplistic way of managing quality inspections. Mendix’s Quality Inspection solution is an example that executes quality audits and inspections based on critically defined inspection plans to create transparency and assurances for new market stakeholders.

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