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With distributed production, supply chains, consumer expectations, industry regulations, and increasing financial pressure, electronics manufacturers must create trust through the extended and connected value chain.

The Mendix low-code development platform helps manufacturers develop electronics applications for more connected digital experiences — from the small supplier to the global OEM, the top floor to the shop floor, and from supply to consumer.

Simplify electronics supply chain management

Electronics manufacturers provide products that are critical to the success of multi-billion-dollar industries such as automotive, aerospace and defense, industrial machinery, consumer products, and medical devices. Managing the supply chains that connect electronics manufacturers to these massive verticals can be tremendously complex.

Mendix provides an uncomplicated way to create secure and transparent supply chains connecting networks of suppliers and OEMs. Applications created with the Mendix low-code development platform can help electronics manufacturers:

  • Keep core supply chain systems clean while bringing agility through connected apps
  • Augment their decision engagement with detailed data from disparate sources
  • Enhance their in-plant logistics with intelligent process automation
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Satisfy evolving consumer needs

The electronics manufacturing industry is the architect of our modern way of life. It makes possible the constant innovation that consumers have come to expect and demand. To meet current consumer demands for engaging technologies—and to better anticipate and plan for future demand—electronics manufacturers need to build speed and agility into their design and production processes.

Mendix helps electronics manufacturers create digital experiences that delight consumers. With the Mendix low-code application development platform, electronics manufacturers can:

  • Accelerate systematic support of new product introductions
  • Simplify consumer engagement and feedback
  • Automate workflows to manage mass customization needs
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Bring emerging technologies to the marketplace

Electronics manufacturers thrive on transforming emerging technologies from research lab possibilities to marketplace realities. But to do so, they must be adept at reacting to marketplace changes, innovating new manufacturing processes, and navigating shifting regulatory landscapes.

Mendix equips you to bring emerging technologies swiftly and successfully to the marketplace by giving you access to the data you need and the tools to make the most of that data. Low-code applications built on the intuitive Mendix platform let you:

  • Create multi-experience access through technologies such as augmented reality, voice, and text to speech
  • Connect together IoT, edge, cloud, and core systems
  • Assemble and personalize the right intelligence for every user
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Expand into new markets and new industries

With the distributed manufacturing hubs that come with stretching out to new markets and new industries also comes additional organizational complexity. Monitoring your performance across global markets while customizing products for local ones can put a heavy strain on your supporting enterprise systems.

Mendix gives electronics manufacturers the agility they need to react to changes in regulations and the marketplace. And Mendix supplies rapid, adaptable, and targeted solutions that allow more engagement across new market collaborations and launches. Mendix low-code applications help manufacturers:

  • Implement new business processes that augment core systems
  • Engage new market stakeholders in ways tailored to their needs
  • Expand proven market methods into new business models
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