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Drive agility in your business with adaptive applications for your entire value chain

With Mendix, you can drive agility in your business and achieve a new level of efficiency. Create new high-speed ways to engage internal stakeholders and customers with digital services by collaboratively building cloud-native applications with multi-experience on our low-code platform.

By accelerating the delivery of business solutions across supply, engineering, manufacturing, service, and business domains, Mendix helps automotive manufacturers:

  • Accelerate digital execution by connecting the disconnected
  • Modernize and rescale business processes and operations
  • Create holistic, integrated digital experiences
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Drive business processes agility in the electrification shift

The automotive industry is transitioning from gasoline to hybrid to full electrification. That means manufacturers are facing associated transitions with supply chains, factories, services, industry regulations, and government mandates.

There are many opportunities for manufacturers to streamline processes, automate where needed, modernize as required, and co-create with business and IT. Mendix provides intelligent low-code process automation to fully automate all processes across all departments that are ready to adapt to the ever-changing market.

Mendix helps automotive manufacturers in the electrification shift by:

  • Connecting the disconnected while automating manual processes with ease
  • Creating flexible and adaptive applications at speed and scale
  • Empowering ecosystem collaboration for co-creation
  • Enabling them to run their applications anywhere: on mobile, on the edge, or in the cloud
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Reach customers faster, engage stakeholders more effectively

The line between products and services is blurred. With vehicles connected to the cloud and smart infrastructures, consumers interact with the driving experience during the design process, while using the vehicle, and when they connect with the vehicle remotely.

Mendix helps manufacturers transform the automotive digital ecosystem, completing the digital fabric of connected processes across existing and evolving value-chains.

Mendix Data Hub is an integration technology for accelerating application development and BI solutions, and saves time and resources when building or maintaining an integration to another system. Domain experts can collaborate and make more informed decisions with contextualized data and feedback loops from every part of the enterprise’s systems infrastructure in the value streams of connected services.

Mendix enables ease of connectivity in application development with:

  • The creation of simplified user experiences tailored to persona needs
  • A single, common platform for strategic IT systems connectivity
  • Transitioning isolated initiatives to a more cohesive application development approach
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Increase transparency and actionable insights for supply chain and logistics

Across the complex automotive supply chain, Mendix empowers new manufacturing efficiencies and collaboration opportunities. Quickly extend the digital thread with secure cloud applications to minimize risk.

Tap into your disparate data sources and increase efficiency while gaining insights across the supply chain processes — be it material shortages, schedules, or disruptions.

Empower every level of the supply chain stakeholders within your organization to gain control and respond more quickly and transparently. Mendix helps manufacturers:

  • Minimize risk with secure and customized cloud applications
  • Increase efficiency by integrating data from multiple sources
  • Gain greater visibility by integrating everyone in the development process
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Enable business innovation through co-creation

Mobility as a Service (MaaS) models are upending individual and shared ownership concepts in transportation. That transition is impacting the way both automotive OEMs and suppliers think about their business models, as well as the secured services that are built within their vehicles.

Mendix makes new and shared business models a reality by allowing domain experts and IT to participate in the creation of digital services that extend across the automotive ecosystem. With Mendix, manufacturers can also tap into their existing systems and strategic initiatives.

Developing cloud-native, digital experience applications on our low-code platform enables you to innovate with your customers at high speed. Create adaptive solutions with personalization while engaging key stakeholders to drive the next level of innovation.

Mendix enables outstanding co-creation through:

  • A shared platform for accelerated application development
  • Personalized shared service experiences
  • An empowered global value chain across the organization
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