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With disruptive technology, supply chains, consumer expectations, industry regulations, and government mandates, automotive manufacturers need a holistic digital transformation.

For established manufacturers with proven core systems, the Mendix low-code development Platform streamlines this transformation, modernizing and rescaling business processes and operations. For new and established ventures alike, Mendix opens new high-speed avenues to consumer engagement and digital services.

With Mendix, you can assemble applications quickly across supply, engineering, manufacturing, service, and business domains, creating the agility and flexibility required in today’s market.

Extending the digital thread out to the marketplace, automotive manufacturers can create holistic, integrated digital consumer experiences that drive the future of vehicle design, manufacturing, services, and aftermarket. By building digital thread stories, the vision of innovation takes on a new level of efficiency.


As the automotive industry transitions from gasoline to hybrid to full electrification, manufacturers are facing associated transitions with supply chains, factories, services, industry regulations, and government mandates. With growing restrictions on the carbon footprint throughout the vehicle lifecycle, manufacturers must innovate across multiple dimensions. They need to be able to measure how they are improving their carbon footprint to help elevate their brand.

Disruptive technologies and consumer expectations proliferate the design and innovation touchpoints between manufacturers and suppliers. As a multiexperience development platform, Mendix supports collaborative design work with transparent access to design feasibility, engaging the consumer to provide input and feedback. With Mendix, automotive manufacturers gain:

  • ecosystem collaboration for co-creation from cradle to grave
  • incremental to rapid transformation of supporting systems
  • modernized engagement experiences among stakeholders

Electrification creates a complex combination of new parts and material combinations. Mendix’s Plan for Every Part app enables teams to collaborate on complex Bills of Materials from Teamcenter. It creates a simplified mode of engagement and accelerates the development timeline of the product and its sub-systems.

Connected services

The line between products and services is blurred. With vehicles connected to the cloud and smart infrastructures, consumers interact with the driving experience during the design process, while using the vehicle, and when they connect with the vehicle remotely. Intelligence from the consumer along with data from driving and vehicle behavior are creating new business models.

Mendix transforms the automotive digital ecosystem, completing the digital fabric of smart manufacturing across design, engineering, and production domains. By quickly assembling data, workflows, and smart application services across proven core systems, domain experts can collaborate and make more informed decisions with contextualized data and feedback loops from any part of the enterprise system infrastructure in the connected services value streams. To make this possible, Mendix provides:

  • connected engagement experiences
  • a common platform for co-creation
  • acceleration in co-created business models

The Mendix’s Complaint Management app extends Teamcenter quality and enables customers to log and review complaints, creating feedback loop engagement from the customer to other disciplines. This can help enhance product customizations, associated services, and timely resolutions.

Automotive autonomy

With the promise of software-driven vehicles, software and hardware in loop, vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) communications are on the horizon. But with these disruptive technologies come evolving liability considerations, as well as government policies and regulations.

Across the complex automotive supply chain, Mendix is creating new manufacturing efficiencies and collaboration capabilities. Quickly extending the digital thread through secure cloud applications, manufacturers at every tier of the supply chain can be more responsive and transparent with:

  • intelligent automation from device to edge to cloud
  • extending services beyond vehicle and driver
  • agility and simplicity across ecosystem collaboration

Mendix’s Polarion Connector creates new efficiencies and collaboration capabilities by enabling you to integrate and connect data from Polarion into your Mendix app to create a customized UI. Tailor the app to your specific use case to streamline processes that are an integral part of your software lifecycle management solution.

Flexible mobility

Mobility as a Service (MaaS) models are upending individual and shared ownership concepts in transportation. That transition is impacting the way both automotive OEMs and suppliers think about their business models, as well as the secured services that are built within their vehicles.

Mendix is making new and shared business models a reality by allowing domain experts to participate directly in assembling digital services that extend across the automotive ecosystem. Mendix enables the development of customized consumer experiences, providing key feedback to stakeholders that drive the next level of innovation. Mendix supports flexible mobility by providing:

  • a shared platform for accelerated co-creation
  • personalized shared service experiences
  • an empowered global value chain

In the era of shared services and experiences, simplicity and connectivity across disparate systems and hosting environments are key ingredients. Mendix supports automotive digital transformation with connectors like AWS services, Azure, Kafka, MindSphere, Teamcenter, SAP, and more.

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