Building Your Own Reusable REST Services

Tired of having to create and maintain multiple endpoints for your REST APIs? Integration guru Marc Lehane, CTO for Kinetech is here to show you how to create the only REST integration you will ever need to build. In this Live Build, Marc shows you exactly how to create an adaptable web service and how you can create your own version of this. 
Join this live build to find out how to create your own REST endpoint module, use reflexive modelling to configure your web services at runtime and learn how to use key-pair values to get the payload safely stored away. As always, you can download the project files during the session so that you can build along as we go, or customize it to truly make it your own.
In this live build, learn how you can:
  • Build your own REST Endpoint module
  • Use reflexive modelling to configure web services at runtime
  • Work with key pair values
  • Use a Java action to map payload to key pairs
  • Use community modules to manage templates