Creating a custom business application to maximize business efficiency and build a sustainable future

Vanguard Renewables set out to be a renewable energy company that helps family farms survive for future generations, but the growing demand for climate change mitigation and decarbonization strategies has challenged them to be so much more. With a goal to produce renewable energy from organic waste to power homes, businesses, and communities and a complex, fragile network of spreadsheets to run its operations, the company felt ready-made software solutions and cookie-cutter business apps didn’t quite fit the bill. That’s where Impact Networking came in. Vanguard Renewables partnered with Impact to build a custom application leveraging the Mendix platform to combine data from disparate sources into a meaningful, valuable data set for business intelligence and analytics. Hear from Jon Evans, Impact Networking Director of Solutions Architecture, and Nicole Galambos, Vanguard Renewables Senior Biological Engineer, on the collaborative custom-app development process and its important role in helping the company to better capture potential growth opportunities in renewable energy.