Creating Easy-To-Use Digital Experiences by Democratizing App Development with Siemens Global Business Services

Siemens Global Business Services (GBS) is tangled in an impenetrable forest of backend ERP systems, a complex patchwork of interfaces and an obscure swamp of mixed data. To get their jobs done, users work in a variety of different systems, with sometimes little transparency on their end-to-end business process. Low application usability is leading to low customer satisfaction, prompting greater demand for easy-to-use digital experiences. Despite realizing this need, the availability of professional developers to actually implement new solutions was low. Siemens GBS decided to use Mendix’s low-code development platform to combat developer scarcity and start delivering results more quickly. In this session, Business Process Management leader Philipp Schiegg shares:

  • How the team is building enterprise software applications, such as Freight Claim Management and Tax Guidance tools, to achieve business impact faster than before.
  • How the team has adopted a citizen developer strategy, decentralizing & delegating application development across the organization.
  • The business impact of the 3 live applications and how the team plans to continue iterating in the future to create a more digital enterprise