Crowdsourcing user data to optimize route planning with Aramex

Aramex, a global leader in logistics and transportation services, was looking to increase visibility in two core areas: 1) demand for last mile delivery, and 2) providing support for local communities where Aramex operates in order to provide nationals the opportunity to earn extra income. Aramex started the project of building the Fleet application to address these challenges, and quickly turned to partner Avertra for help to meet their original deadline. During a 75 day journey of joint agile delivery, the teams designed, architected, developed, tested and launched an enterprise grade, multilingual web application that covered three personas, included a full “Know Your Driver” (KYD) process, and integrated five enterprise systems including SAP. Hear from Aramex and Avertra on how Fleet has created opportunities to generate more revenue during high demand season while simultaneously reducing operational costs and eliminating the need for building their own infrastructure from scratch.