Digital thread through data federation: Using eQube DaaS and Mendix

eQube®-DaaS platform provides a powerful model-driven low and no-code integration environment to rapidly deliver solutions addressing integration challenges. With 60+ OOTB eQube connectors for most major systems (ALM, PLM, ERP, MES, NoSQL databases, IoT data, etc.), all enterprise-wide data is accessible. Using eQube-DaaS, common data model (CDM) can be exposed as set of REST, OData or classic Webservices which can be visually built for one or more systems for data federation, integration and ‘for-purpose’ app development. In this session, experts at Mendix and eQube will discuss the opportunities for multi-system, complex integration with data federation and process orchestration across PLM and ERP systems alongside Mendix. You’ll see how to define the application Common Data Model (CDM), map CDM from/to the native source systems (PLM, ERP, other) models, define orchestration across systems using processing pipeline and build relevant API, and publish the API to Mendix (OData & REST).