How the Mythical Citizen Developer is Secretly Your Development Unicorn

In this community webinar, learn how you can:

  • Ship better apps faster by involving more makers
  • Learn how citizen developers make your and your professional developer’s life easier
  • Use Studio and Studio Pro to deliver the best experience for your customers
  • Use the built-in collaboration and branching features of Studio and Studio Pro to manage your project like a pro

Every day, more and more people with little to no development experience start building apps. Not only are these so-called citizen developers a much-needed extra resource, they are quickly becoming crucial to the app development landscape. Join us to learn how these new makers can make life easier for everyone in the community.

We’ll talk about how collaborating with citizen developers can reduce miscommunication and speed up app delivery, how their prototypes can help you ship new features faster, and how they can build small but useful applications themselves, freeing up valuable time on your calendar while they’re at it.