What is a hybrid mobile app?

Building hybrid mobile apps ensures that you have the speed of web development along with the tailored user experience (and feature access, like the camera and GPS) that comes through native mobile app development. These hybrid mobile apps are built through HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript web standards and then run inside a container that allows them to be installed similarly to a native app. And once created, you can publish your hybrid mobile app in the Apple, Google, and Windows App Stores.

Do You Need a Hybrid Mobile App?

Deciding between native, web, and hybrid mobile apps can be difficult. But there’s a solution for every scenario, based on how your app will be used. Consider the questions below to help understand when a mobile application development platform can help you build hybrid mobile apps.

  • What platform(s) will your app run on? If your mobile app will run across multiple platforms (including Apple, Android, Windows, etc.), you’ll save time by building a web or hybrid app. With this approach, you build once (leveraging common development languages) and then publish your app across multiple platforms. Alternatively, native apps require unique programming across each platform (ex. Objective C for iOS and Java for Android).
  • Will your app be distributed via App Stores? If you wish to distribute your app via an app store, you’ll need to create a mobile app rather than a mobile optimized (RWD) web application which is available from the device web browser.
  • Do you need to call any native device features? If you wish to utilize device features like the camera or GPS, you’ll need to build a native or hybrid mobile app. A web application cannot access device features easily.
  • Are you struggling for developer resource? There are never enough people to help develop the mobile apps you need. If you have requirements for multiple platforms or don’t have access to specialized mobile app developers, it will be easier to build a hybrid mobile app. In this fashion, you can utilize your existing coding skills like HTML, CSS and JavaScript vs. learning the specific languages for each platform.

Build Your Hybrid Mobile Apps with Mendix

Mendix’s application platform abstracts away from technical details, including infrastructure, provisioning, code development, and app management components. This speeds the delivery of mobile apps that work seamlessly across devices and platforms and integrates with other back-end systems and processes. Also known as mobile application development platforms, these platforms offer a host of features to help achieve a near-native user experience through a more efficient, hybrid development approach.

Our customers see a host of benefits when building hybrid mobile apps on Mendix:

6 times higher productivity

Speed web and mobile application development with visual modeling and business logic capabilities, delivering 6 times higher productivity than traditional programming methods.

Unparalleled flexibility

Easily collect feedback, iterate, and redeploy applications as changes are required, so that your business stays relevant within the market. Mendix’s host of agile development tools fuels efficient application development.

Reduced IT overhead

Simplify cross-platform development and back-end integration within one cloud platform to reduce infrastructure costs and improve your speed of delivery.

Higher quality mobile apps

Increase project success rates with integrated collaboration and feedback tools so that your team focuses on finding the right solution to solve business problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Mobile Application Development Languages?

    While a mobile app can be developed via Swift, Java, Python and other web programming languages, with Mendix, no programming knowledge is necessary to develop mobile applications. However, for some advanced functionality, knowledge of JavaScript is useful.

  • What is Native Mobile Application Development?

    Native mobile application development refers to the production of apps that will run entirely on a device’s OS (iOS, Android, etc). Mendix takes the hybrid approach by allowing native functionality while other processes and data is stored online.

  • What is Cross Platform Mobile Development?

    Cross platform mobile development is the production of applications that work across multiple devices, regardless of operating system (iOS, Android, etc). The benefit of Mendix, it that our apps can be easily deployed to multiple app stores (Google Play, Apple App Store).