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7 reasons Mendix Engineers have more fun

7 reasons Mendix Engineers have more fun by Daniela Field

While it might be obvious to some, here are the top 7 reasons why Mendix developers typically chuckle when comparing their projects to others.

  1. You take the Agile methodology to a whole new level, preaching best practices and mistakes to avoid. Your enthusiasm (and your trusty Mendix platform) pays off; you rapidly speed through the application development lifecycle, delivering an application within the first 2 weeks. Thus you immediately begin iterations with your business group. Boy do they love you!
  2. You get to laugh when people talk about Waterfall methodologies. While they are busy planning, you are busy developing. While they collect feedback, you implement change.
  3. You speed through the full development stack on your own, leaving your .NET and Java colleagues eating dust far behind you. All this, you can accomplish by learning how to use the platform online through our training resources.
  4. You readily accept feedback from your business users and quickly update, redeploy and share the results. You’re so savvy that you even have a widget that makes it easy for you to collect and incorporate that feedback back into your work.
  5. You discover that there is an application, module or widget in the Mendix App Store that already solves your problem! Upon adding this component to your Mendix project, you take a minute to laugh at all those programmers who are stuck reinventing the wheel.
  6. Microflows! Now you can easily visualize business logic and troubleshoot it. Who knew that some of the engineers have an artsy side to them. Business logic has never looked this good!
  7. And best of all, you love your business user’s reaction when you deploy a functioning application within hours or when you implement feedback within seconds. Their mind is blown!

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