Most Valuable: 7 New Mendix Community MVPs

We’re all makers, but there are some who strive for more. The Mendix Community is an active, vibrant group of makers who yearn to build the best solutions in the world. Some makers go above and beyond in leading the community by solving problems, answering questions, creating content, and speaking at events. They are experts, leaders, and evangelists who enjoy helping others and aren’t shy about sharing their own success stories. They are people whose opinions and insights we regard highly.

These makers are our Most Valuable Professionals.

The Mendix MVP Program

We’ve established the Mendix MVP Program as a way for us to recognize the contributions and impact of makers who go above and beyond, and to bring these experienced individuals together, showcase their success to others, and equip them with the knowledge and insight they need to make an even bigger impact with their peers, organizations, and customers.

MVP status comes with detailed insight into the product roadmap, in-depth sessions with product management, and a unique position within the community. As such, MVPs provide feedback on the roadmap, help test new products, and are the voice of the community towards Mendix.

Together with the MVPs, we develop content, tools, and events that further raise the knowledge and skills of every maker in the community. Combining their experience and knowledge in various areas of expertise, we cover every type of user and serve the content they need to be successful with Mendix.

Now we’re happy to announce the latest additions to the MVP program.

7 New MVPs

Experts, leaders, evangelists, makers. That’s what describes the seven newest additions to the Mendix MVP Program. They have shown their Mendix expertise by answering questions on the Forum, in the Mendix Community Slack, at Maker Meetups, in webinars, blogs and more.

Let’s take a look at these makers.

Congratulations to all these makers. We’re proud to have you join the MVP program and look forward to your insights and expertise!

Who is your MVP?

Do you or someone you know exemplifies all the qualities of a Mendix MVP?

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