2023 Dutch IT Channel Awards: Mendix Nominated Again!

The 2023 Dutch IT Channel Awards nominations are here! The Awards recognize Dutch businesses innovating and driving the future of IT. From IoT and Edge to cloud to security, Dutch businesses are doing hugely important work. That’s why we’re thrilled to receive a nomination for Software Innovator of the Year.

Machine learning with Mendix

Artificial intelligence and machine learning add worlds of possibility to any enterprise. However, integrating these into an ecosystem can be challenging. Mendix aims to help enterprises worldwide build smarter apps and build apps smarter. That includes making AI/ML more straightforward and more accessible.

That’s where the Mendix Machine Learning Kit comes in. When companies can add AI to their low-code landscape, they get the best of speed, scalability, and smarter applications.

Introduced as part of Mendix 10, Mendix and the ML Kit is the first platform that allows developers to drag and drop ML models into application logic.

Amir Piltan, Senior Product Manager AI at Mendix, said, “Companies with advanced machine learning capabilities can now easily integrate their models into Mendix applications. [Organizations along the adoption curve can] refine the model for specific use cases and keep their data and AI model secure, as they never leave the Mendix ecosystem. This simplifies deploying AI from an operational, commercial, and governance standpoint.”

AI-assisted development = Innovation and productivity

But wait. There’s more!

Imagine a space where developers always have a co-pilot with them. Mendix Assist makes that a reality.

These AI bots are programmed with Mendix best practices and can help developers at any level. Mendix Assist bots can help inspect apps, build logic, and ensure quality. In short? These bots can help developers accomplish more with less need for rework.

Making development simpler helps enable increased productivity and continual innovation.

Software Innovator of the Year: It’s time to vote!

Mendix helps simplify the most complex business problems. Our advances in AI/ML are the next step, and we’re not even close to done. Helping our customers drive business value and innovation is why we’re here.

We’d appreciate it if you could vote for us in this year’s Dutch Channel IT Awards. Voting is open now and running through mid-February 2024. Winners will be announced in March 2024.

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