Multiple Single Accounts Now Available in Mendix

Say goodbye to the hassle of managing profiles for every created account to access the Mendix platform!

Managing multiple profiles

We’ve learned that many of our users create multiple instances of a user account in order to access the Mendix platform. Because organizations determine access to their company section in the Mendix platform, users are often required to create a set of login credentials specifically for the organization. Together with the user profile, these login credentials form a user account.

When users end up working for multiple organizations, whether that is due to job switching or working on different projects on behalf of different companies, they are, in many cases, required to create additional user accounts.  Since users are able to build their reputation by contributing to the Mendix Community, multiple user accounts for one person can have the effect of diluting their reputation. Furthermore, achievements that are made, which are a prerequisite for actions in the platform, will actually limit the options for a user when these achievements are spread over different accounts.

How we’re changing

Now that this feature is live, users with two or more user accounts can consolidate their activity into a single profile. This will provide them with full ownership of their Mendix journey while companies are solely responsible for managing their user accounts. You can read through the documentation here.

Get ready to experience a new level of convenience!