New FREE Online Introduction Course

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New FREE Online Introduction Course

/ April 25, 2016

The Mendix community is growing faster than ever. New members from locations all over the world join us every day. While the Mendix platform is easy to use and multiple disciplines can work with it, it is good to learn the best way to use it.

We are happy to announce the release of the new online Mendix Introduction course. A complete new online course, which will teach you the basics of developing with Mendix.

What to Expect?

The online introduction course covers a wide range of topics: How to set up your Mendix projects, using scrum in Mendix, how to create an awesome application with pages, microflows and data layers, and how to deploy an application in the Mendix cloud and invite user to the application. View more topics.


Video-TheoryThe course has a modular setup. You can either start the training at the beginning or just jump in to start a particular topic.
Each module facilitates multiple ways of learning. All theory is available both in animated video and text format. The assignments are also provided in both video and text. That way you can pick the best way to learn, depending on your learning style.
Every lecture in the modules has references to related documentation that provides you with more background information about the discussed topic.

Knowledge ChecksKnowledgeTest

At the end of each module you will find a knowledge check. Five to ten questions to help you validate what you’ve learned in the theory and assignments. This knowledge check will prepares you also for the Rapid Developer exam.

Online vs. Offline

The online course content is based on the original classroom introduction course. So attending the classroom course or taking the course online will result in the same knowledge level. If you prefer interacting directly with a dedicated trainer and fellow students at a specific location, the classroom course is the way to go. If studying in your own time, and at your own pace and location suits you better, the online course has everything you need.

Certification & Community

After taking the introduction course you can directly signup for the Rapid Developer certification.
This certificate proves that your knowledge level is high enough to join a Mendix development team. Once this certificate is obtained, it will be directly added to your Community Profile, so that the whole developers’ community and customers can view your Mendix skills.
Of course it doesn’t end there. The Mendix Academy offers a wide range of courses and workshops to deepen your Mendix knowledge and expertise. Upgrade your certification levels once you’ve increased your Mendix skills and a track record of Mendix projects has been established.

This new online introduction course allows Mendix to onboard new Mendix developers to its fast growing developers’ community. So that they can be successful with delivering awesome apps and innovate and transform using the Mendix app platform.

Curious about this new online introduction course? Take it NOW for free!