Top 10 in 2017: Our Most-Read Blogs for Developers

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Top 10 in 2017: Our Most-Read Blogs for Developers

/ January 8, 2018

One of our goals for the Mendix Community is to help you build applications that will forward your business and to give you all the tools and information you need to achieve this. That’s why we wrote many blog articles in 2017 to help you kick-start your projects and enable you to build apps with speed and ease. Here are the top 10 posts that we published in 2017 for developers.

We hope you find these collections useful. We’re looking forward to serving up more insightful and inspiring content in 2018.

1. Mendix 7 Now Available: The Sophisticated High Productivity Platform for the Digital Enterprise

We released several major new platform capabilities that further advance our position as the leading high productivity—with high control—aPaaS provider. These capabilities include a new developer portal experience, a redesigned Mendix app, a multi-cloud web-scale backend, and the web modeler. For more information on all of the new capabilities that launched with Mendix 7, read the full blog article.

2. 5 Reasons Why Agile Fails and How to Fix it

While every company needs to customize agile processes to their own unique team, there are a few common mistakes to avoid. This blog lists the top five mistakes made with agile methodology implementation and tips to prevent them.

3. How Richard van Osnabrugge Developed an IoT App Without a Coding Background

In this installment of our rapid developer series, Richard van Osnabrugge shares his experience on developing apps in Mendix. Richard is a business consultant at First Consulting, an implementation partner of Mendix. He is interested in creating business value for customers and innovating their business. Although Richard has no coding background, he helps companies innovate by developing apps with a low-code platform. Read how Richard developed an IoT app without having a coding background.

4. A Practical Guide to the Product Canvas

A common misconception in relation to Agile methodologies is that no preparation or documentation is needed and that the process will be magically guided by the outcome and feedback of every sprint. This is of course not true. The correct Agile Manifesto statement is “Responding to change over following a plan”. What that means is that you should have a plan that is easily adjusted for change. Which leads to an adequate preparation. At Mendix, we have had great success with the Product Vision & Product Canvas methodology to prepare our projects and get ready for our first agile sprint. This blog dives into the Product Canvas and how to use it.

5. Mendix Academy Develops 7 Online Advanced Courses

After releasing the online Introduction Course we received a lot of positive feedback and requests to expand the current online training offering with more advanced topics. We released the first three of a total of seven new online advanced training courses, expanding the current online training offering with more advanced topics. These topics include modeling microflows, handling errors, working with data, advanced security and more.

6. Why Your Application Should Be Built with a Component-Based Architecture

Where do you start when building an app? What’s the right architecture? Learn why developing with a component-based architecture makes the most sense for flexibility and scalability.

7. Announcing Atlas UI: A Low-Code Approach to Great App Design and User Experiences

We announced the Mendix Atlas UI Release. Atlas allows individuals, including those with little or no UI design skills, to quickly create beautiful, rich user interfaces. But as you’ll see, Atlas UI is much more.

8. How to Create Great-Looking, Highly Usable Apps with Atlas

The Mendix Atlas Release enables business users and developers to quickly and iteratively create engaging multi-channel user interfaces. Read more on how the Mendix Atlas Framework and Web Modeler can be used to start building an app.

9. How to Build Mendix Apps on SAP Cloud Platform in Just 5 Minutes

Through our partnership with SAP, enterprises can build custom applications on their SAP systems much faster than traditional development approaches allow, without a single line of code. Learn how you can build an app on SAP Cloud Platform in just five minutes.

10. New Mendix Support for Kubernetes Brings More Choice and More Control

We unveiled the latest advancement of our cloud platform, support for the Kubernetes open source container orchestration system. Let’s have a look at the Mendix cloud stack and what Kubernetes brings to the table.

What was your favorite post from 2017? And what would you like to see us write more about in 2018? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter @Mendix!

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