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Upcoming Webinar Featuring Dr. Jeff Sutherland, Co-Creator of Scrum Development Framework

/ August 8, 2013

#Scrum2Innovate: Harnessing Your Organization’s Agile Potential
Featuring Dr. Jeff Sutherland, Co-Creator of Scrum
Wednesday, September 11th @ 11am EDT/5pm CET
Space is limited. Register today.

We’re excited to announce our upcoming webinar, featuring none other than the Co-Creator of Scrum himself; Dr. Jeff Sutherland. This webinar isn’t just for developers – it’s for application delivery teams that want to get the most out of their projects. We’re inviting developers, business analysts, product owners, project managers, and stakeholders from both business units and IT departments to learn how to harness the untapped innovation power of Agile application delivery.

Scrum is the development framework that Mendix business engineers use to manage application development projects. It’s based on an iterative approach, wherein you begin building with high level requirements and continuously iterate to satisfy ‘user stories’. The impact this methodology has had on application development is virtually unparalleled in terms of enabling efficiency and end user satisfaction.

Jeff will discuss the evolution of Scrum, and how businesses are more quickly ‘going Agile’ to propel innovation and market leadership. You’ll learn how Scrum can enable your team to accelerate the process of innovation and about the tools and technologies that can enhance Agile excellence in organizations of any size.

UPDATE 9/11/2013: This webinar is now available on-demand.