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Industry Forum Insurance

Industry Forum Insurance leads the way to the new industry requirements by exploring the opportunities of data and digital technologies in customer engagement and business model innovation.

Event Details
Apr 5, 2017 - Apr 6, 2017
Zwolle, NL

Box-Mendix Event

On Tuesday the 12th of April Nokavision teams up with Mendix and Box to show you the power of integrating both platforms, enabling Mendix to have the ECM characteristics of Box and Box to have the workflow possibilities of Mendix. Executive speakers Hans de Visser (Vice President Product and Solution Marketing at Mendix), Rob Steenvoorden (CTO at Nokavision) and Patrick Griffiths (Partner Manager Box UK) will explain how the use of Box’ Content Management Platform in your Mendix apps can increase the speed, quality and accessibility of your solutions.

Event Details
Apr 12, 2017
Rotterdam, NL

Digital Experience, to work!

Get practical with ‘Digital Experience’. Optimise the user experience of customers and employees. On April 18th three inspirational guest speakers will take you on a journey exploring different digital possibilities. Mendix’s own VP of Product & Solution Marketing, Hans de Visser, is one of these speakers. During this afternoon sharing of knowledge is the central theme, so join and get inspired!

Event Details
Apr 18, 2017
Amsterdam, NL

Rethink IT

Digital transformation has been on the IT-world’s agenda for the past few years. No matter what industry you turn to, what products or customer segments you look at: technology has to become faster, organizations have to become more agile, time to market has to be shortened and analogue has to be turned in to digital. Take the next step and evolve in Industry 4.0 & IoT, by learning to apply the means and technologies there are.

Event Details
Apr 27, 2017 - Apr 28, 2017
London, UK

Premier CIO Forum

The Premier CIO Forum includes powerful keynotes, informative breakouts, discussions with subject-matter experts, and cutting-edge solution providers.

Event Details
May 3, 2017
Hartford, CT

Gartner AADI

The Premier Event for Accelerating Engagement, Driving Customer Experience and Delivering Digital Business Innovation – Build an applications organization with the agility and flexibility to unleash the power of digital business within your organisation. It’s time to reinvent how applications are defined, designed, built and deployed; to improve speed, tackle integration, manage legacy, build in security and accelerate innovation. Come and meet Mendix at the ITxpo to gain new insights and actionable strategies for creating value, driving digital transformation and delivering competitive advantage.

Event Details
May 8, 2017 - May 9, 2017
London, UK

CIO Inspired

As the physical, digital, and biological worlds converge, and with an eye to what the next unicorn start-up might bring, CEOs and CIOs have recognised they need to fundamentally change their business operating models if they are to remain competitive. Many companies are now “going digital” and focusing on being customer-centric, which is driving disruptive innovation as never before. Taking a platform approach to creating new solutions by combining technologies has accelerated this pace of change. Just as the cloud and coupling data with analytics are becoming mainstream, the potential of the Internet of Everything and machine learning are upon us. Blockchain will possibly be the biggest revolution since the internet itself in how we exchange and use information. But going digital isn’t just about technology and processes, it is primarily about people. The “born digital” generation didn’t just bring a new type of customer, it brought a new kind of employee too, one with different expectations about how work should be done, how to learn and share, and embracing the concept of a portfolio career. The gig economy is now reshaping the workforce at all levels.

Event Details
May 16, 2017
Reading, UK

Cloud Foundry Summit

Cloud Foundry Summit is the premier event for enterprise app developers. Want to focus on innovation and streamline your development pipeline? Summit 2017 will make you an expert in microservices and continuous delivery in your language or framework of choice. Fast-track yourself and your business with the quickest way to deliver apps.

Event Details
Jun 13, 2017 - Jun 15, 2017
Santa Clara, CA

Gartner Symposium

The World's Most Important Gathering of CIOs and Senior IT Executives – As a CIO and senior IT leader, you need actionable advice to drive digital to the core of your products, processes and talent. But you also need to prepare for disruptive trends that can help you deliver long-term business benefits. Gartner Symposium/ITxpo 2017 will help you see further, explore deeper and to discover how to make digital a core competence for you and your organization.

Event Details
Oct 1, 2017 - Oct 5, 2017
Orlando, FL

Management Events Executive IT

600Minutes Executive IT is the must-attend for the top IT decision makers leading their company to victory through the digitizing, disruptive world.

Event Details
Oct 4, 2017
Rotterdam, NL

Gartner Application Strategies and Solutions Summit

The Premier Event for Accelerating Engagement, Driving Customer Experience and Delivering Digital Business Innovation –Build an applications organization with the agility and flexibility to support today’s digital business demands. Empower your entire enterprise to address digital business opportunities and use leading technologies to create and deploy business critical solutions.

Event Details
Dec 4, 2017 - Dec 7, 2017
Las Vegas, NV