Sandd Uses Mendix's Platform to Implement Workflow App in 4 Weeks

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About the case

Within only 4 weeks Sandd’s internal IT department, together with Mendix implementation partner Magnus Technology Solutions designed, configured and integrated a new application to streamline the internal reverse logistics process of undeliverable parcels. Sandd solves a costly business problem and improves customer experience while enabling more efficient processing.

  • High-transaction web interface supports fast and efficient data entry of 5 million new records annually
  • Communicates with BI-system for multilevel reporting
  • Generates reports for Sandd’s customers with feedback on undeliverable parcels
  • Integrated workflow for possibly incorrectly returned parcels


Each week Sandd receives large quantities of post that is undeliverable or incorrectly addressed. As part of Sandd’s customer service they provide feedback to the customer and clean their recipient database at the same time. This standard process required manual handling of each item. Sandd needed to streamline this daily process of receiving and administrating undelivered parcels at over 100 local distribution centers.

Sandd required an application to support the high-volume of transactions and workflow of hundreds of users. In order to control the process, the application also needed to enable a workflow for returned parcel that are may have been returned incorrectly. The application would also need to integrate seamlessly with existing systems to support this business process.

"We’ve been experiencing double digit growth! Mendix allows us to build our company at our own speed."

Co Konings
Manager Business Development & ICT, Sandd


Sandd chose to use Mendix’s application platform because it could provide an immediate solution to their business problem and offer the best provisions for flexibility, future growth and adaptability. Together with Mendix’s implementation partner Magnus, Sandd’s internal IT department created a new flexible workflow application. All project stakeholders actively participated in the design process, mapping out workflow and process, management report and user interface within the Mendix. This significantly enabled a collaborative implementation process and helped evolve and fine tune user requirements much more easily.

The Mendix app is fully integrated with existing systems including Sandd’s ERP system, Microsoft Exchange and an additional operational database. To manage the large quantities of wrongly addressed post and returned parcels, the application features a user friendly interface designed for efficient data entry. With Mendix’s rich interface design capabilities, the development team chose a UI design that allowed users to enter data with only keyboard-controls more efficiently and quickly than ever. Further efficiencies were gained by dynamically incorporating a database of 7 million zip codes.


Together with Sandd, Mendix implementation partner Magnus, designed, configured and integrated the Mendix application in only 4 weeks. Mendix’s application platform enabled the team to build the application based on three active user feedback sessions to determine and iterate on interface and process requirements. Mendix’s application platform also supported of the integration of existing processes and systems.

The Mendix app registers over 5 million returned postal pieces annually and provides direct feedback to the customer’s database. Over 100 distribution centers and more than 200 employees use the application. It also delivers role-based management reports for three different management levels to effectively manage and control the entire process.

About Sandd

Sandd focuses on the distribution of addressed printed matter, such as direct mail and subscriber magazines on set delivery days throughout a self-built network. With over 100 local distribution centers Sandd covers the Netherlands a 100%, containing all physical addresses and PO boxes. With the effort of over 15.000 mail deliverers, Sandd handles around 700 million items per year.