Air-Gapped Environment


In simple terms, an air-gapped environment is a super-secure computer setup that’s completely cut off from the internet and other external networks. 

This isolation 

  • Provides top-notch security 
  • Keeps out unauthorized access
  • Thwarts data breaches
  • Fends off cyber threats that might try to exploit any network weak spots

What is an air-gapped system example?

An example of an air-gapped system is a computer or network that operates without any physical or logical connections to external networks. This means the system has no direct links, such as wired or wireless connections, to the internet or other networks, making it highly resistant to remote cyber attacks.

What is the air-gapped region?

The air-gapped region contains the isolated space or network that is not connected to external networks.  This helps create a distinct and secure environment. 

This region is characterized by restricted connectivity and limited data exchange to minimize the risk of unauthorized access, information leakage, or cyber intrusions.

What are the benefits of air gapping?

The benefits of air-gapped environments include:

  • Enhanced cybersecurity 
  • Protection against remote attacks 
  • increased confidentiality of sensitive data