Mendix for Consumer Packaged Goods

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Connecting the CPG value chain by
tapping into consumer wisdom

Mendix is creating new ways to engage the market by extending the digital thread from product innovation to the consumer. As that digital thread draws out unique needs and consumer preferences, Mendix weaves that intelligence back to the integrated product lifecycle processes that make those ideas a reality.

By connecting all the processes of the value chain, Mendix is also driving new levels of end-to-end quality, efficiency, agility, and sustainability.

Changing consumer preferences

The power of the consumer has never been greater in moving markets. CPG manufacturers must respond quickly, and this requires an agile infrastructure that can deliver new and innovative products to meet these changing needs.

Mendix connects consumer demand with product lifecycle systems through an extended digital thread, accelerating the delivery of new product concepts. As the market is moved by consumer preferences and demands, Mendix applications are ready to adapt and evolve along with them.

Mendix democratizes the assembly of digital experiences along the value-chain of changing consumer preferences to:

  • infuse data and service for consumer insights
  • connect engagement for consumers to manufacturers
  • accelerate new products and services transformation

Gaining consumer insights starts with understanding their complaints and concerns. Mendix’s Complaint Management app extends Teamcenter quality and lets customers log and review complaints. This creates feedback loop engagement from the consumer through the entire value chain.

Personalized and connected

Faced with new expectations of personalized products that are connected to supporting services, manufacturers are rethinking their business models. The line between product and service is blurred. The rapid development of applications that accompany products is essential.

Mendix helps product companies rethink the value of their smart products and bring new ways of engaging with the consumers through a truly personalized experience. Infusing data and service into the consumer experience, new business models emerge that drive competitive differentiation and:

  • engaged consumers in multi-experience ways they prefer
  • simplicity in making experiences for and with consumers
  • cognitive driven process insights

With smart-connected consumer products, the connectivity of things and the use of multi-experience technologies are key for enhanced consumer engagement. Mendix provides multi-experience and cognitive capabilities like text-to-speech, speech-to-text, augmented reality experiences, and more to help this process.

Health-conscious and sustainable

As consumers become more conscious of health and sustainability issues, their opinions of products are swayed by their perception of the health and sustainability efforts of brand owners. Now manufacturers must understand the impact of their manufacturing operations across more dimensions than resource consumption, cost, and quality. Understanding their total environmental impact requires complete visibility across the value chain.

Mendix is enabling a larger, more complete digital thread of quality, connecting all points of quality and EHS across the supply chain, design, production, and consumer use with:

  • trusted traceability and transparency
  • connected ecosystem processes
  • simplicity in total engagement experiences

As consumers look for more insights on the green index of raw materials, recipes, products, processes, and locations, the transparency and visibility from source to destination will be of utmost importance for manufacturers.

Mendix’s PLM, ERP, Lab Connect app connects Teamcenter, Opcenter RD&L, and SAP, without the need to customize any of those three solutions to provide transparency and efficient experiences, as new materials are tested, validated for production readiness.

Flexible supply chain management

Now more than ever, manufacturers must create resilient and adaptable supply chains for more predictability. Extending enterprise systems to connect with suppliers, logistics processes, and systems is now a priority for continuity of operations.

Mendix allows manufacturers to customize their use of core enterprise systems, tailoring their workflows to the way they need to work. Furthermore, Mendix allows manufacturers to quickly develop the right applications that engage their supplier ecosystem in an intuitive way. Abstracting away the complexity of underlying enterprise systems or disparate and disconnected systems, Mendix simplifies the connected supply chain with:

  • agile systems and practices for predictability and consistency
  • data-driven augmentation across processes
  • trusted traceability and transparency

Managing material shortages, schedules, and disruption involves several systems to get the right level of insights and consistent data flow, but operator experiences are always a challenge. Mendix’s Smart Warehousing incorporated Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and low-code development to enable increased transparency across warehouse processes, with up-to-date inventory status at all times to eliminate manual runs.

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