Mendix for Consumer Packaged Goods

Perfect your product lifecycles processes through digital transformation

Connecting the CPG value chain by tapping into consumer wisdom

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Mendix is creating new ways to engage the market by extending the digital thread from product innovation to the consumer. As that digital thread draws out unique needs and consumer preferences, Mendix weaves that intelligence back to the integrated product lifecycle processes that make those ideas a reality.

By connecting all the processes of the value chain, Mendix is also driving new levels of end-to-end quality, efficiency, agility, and sustainability.

Build flexibility and security into your supply chains

Customer tastes are always changing. Reacting nimbly to those changes requires CPG manufacturers to be able to adjust their supply chains on the fly, adapting materials procurement and delivery schedules to marketplace shifts. They also need the confidence that once they’ve adjusted their supply chain, supporting applications stay safe and reliable. The Mendix low-code application development platform lets teams across your organization build secure cloud applications that will inject agility into your supply chain processes. 

By tapping into the agility and security of low-code cloud application development, Mendix lets CPG manufacturers: 

  • Keep your supply chain processes secure 
  • Increase your agility in responding to changes and disruptions 
  • Empower everyone in your organization to support supply chain processes 
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Keep your product development agile

Keeping a product design attuned to constantly evolving customer requirements as you guide it from the drawing board to the assembly line requires tireless agility. You need to be able to make quick decisions and take fast action at every step of the product lifecycle. The Mendix low-code application development platform gives everyone in your organization the power to quickly and easily build applications. Accelerate innovation and stamp out inefficiencies at each step in your product development process—all while keeping your core product development systems clean.

By building agility into your product development processes, Mendix helps CPG manufacturers:

  • Deliver new and innovative products
  • Respond quickly to changes in the marketplace
  • Effortlessly integrate improved tools and technology
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Streamline your processes through workflow automation

Once you’re confident you know what your customers want, you need to get it to them as quickly as possible. Building speed, efficiency, and agility into every step of your product lifecycle processes requires a considerable commitment of resources.  To lock in that investment, you want to keep those processes repeatable and dependable. The intelligent process automation tools available through the Mendix low-code application development platform let you streamline your trusted processes, freeing up your resources to develop and refine new processes as your business develops.

By making workflow automation accessible at every step of your product lifecycle, Mendix allows CPG manufacturers to:

  • Automate manual processes with ease
  • Free up resources for developing new processes
  • Develop those new processes quickly and economically
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Stay responsive and adaptable

To stay ahead of the ever-changing changes in customer needs, CPG manufacturers can’t afford to chisel their business models in stone. Responding to rapid developments in technology and processes requires the ability to develop applications just as rapidly. The intuitive Mendix low-code application development platform empowers everyone in your organization to build swiftly and affordably applications to support each shift in your strategy.

By putting application development tools into the hands of your entire workforce, Mendix boosts your ability to:

  • Accelerate the creation of new products and services
  • Respond to changes in technology and in the marketplace
  • Tap into your internal expertise
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