Mendix for Industrial Machinery

Mendix makes smart manufacturing even smarter

Assemble digital experiences.
Anticipate customer needs. Deliver faster.

The Mendix low-code application development Platform perfects industrial machinery innovation by extending the digital thread to every participant in the value chain. From supplier to manufacturer to customer to consumer, Mendix makes it easy for industrial machinery manufacturing end users to anticipate the needs of their market.

Assembling cross-domain applications quickly, Mendix supports new business models, new innovation, and new avenues of customer engagement and service. By connecting smart devices and enterprise system intelligence from design to production to service, Mendix is driving true closed-loop manufacturing.

Consumer-driven customizations

Since consumers are driving customizations, the design of industrial machinery likely needs customizations. Product design dictates machine design, and getting closer to the product manufacturer — and by extension, the product consumer — puts industrial machinery manufacturers closer to buyers.

Mendix simplifies this engagement with applications that anticipate the way consumers want to interact with products, providing new insight into design and production efficiency. Mendix also supports the digital customer experiences with:

  • connected engagement across value chain
  • accelerated new product evolution processes
  • a culture of collaboration and co-innovation

Mendix’s Complaint Management app extends Teamcenter quality and enables customers to log and review complaints (governed in Teamcenter). This creates the feedback loop engagement from the customer to the rest of the disciplines for increasing customizations and timely resolutions.

Smart machines

With new data generated from the shop floor to the industrial edge, harnessing data to provide actionable intelligence is emerging as a priority.

Mendix closes the loop from smart devices by connecting data from all areas of the value chain, harnessing untapped intelligence from smart devices located with consumers, suppliers, and manufacturers. Mendix also enables:

  • human-centric, multiexperience insights from and across machines
  • remote and predictive serviceability
  • a culture of co-creation in as-service models

Mendix’s Siemens FSM suite is divided into different flexible and scalable templates. It enables organizations to choose between different templates in order to facilitate the full power of smart machines. 


Businesses are focused on automating processes across ET, IT, and OT to rapidly identify new ways to deliver efficiency by reducing the number of systems users are required to access.

Mendix’s composite applications connect diverse technologies, tools, and platforms across the enterprise, automating workflows that simplify the ET, IT, and OT landscape. Technologies like industrial IoT, AI, robotic process automation, and others can integrate with the Mendix Platform for:

  • workflow automation across system and process boundaries
  • flexibility and predictability to meet business model changes
  • a connected manufacturing ecosystem

MindSphere IIoT for Makers provides machine builders to connect their industrial equipment and consume IoT data in Mendix applications for real-time human centric digital experience.

Global competition &
new business models

With new sources of data from smart devices and new consumer expectations driving product innovation, industrial machinery manufacturers are experiencing pressure to develop new business models that make them more competitive with global enterprises.

Mendix empowers a global value chain. With cloud-based access, manufacturers can create applications that support all participants in the global value chain — on the shop floor, in the field, in transit, and with the consumer. Mendix enables teams to build:

  • empowered global value chains
  • personalized experiences
  • as-service business models with machine and consumer insights in loop

Mendix’s PLM ERP Lab Connect app connects Teamcenter, Opcenter RD&L, and SAP without the need to customize. This provides an efficient, user-friendly way to navigate and bundle material data residing in these three disparate systems.

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