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The Mendix low-code application development platform perfects industrial machinery innovation by extending the digital thread to every participant in the value chain. From supplier to manufacturer to customer to consumer, Mendix makes it easy for industrial machinery manufacturing end users to anticipate the needs of their market.

Assembling cross-domain applications quickly, Mendix supports new business models, new innovation, and new avenues of customer engagement and service. By connecting smart devices and enterprise system intelligence from design to production to service, Mendix is driving true closed-loop manufacturing.

Develop smart machines that engage customers and consumers

Smart machines that make innovative use of data are opening up new business models, new innovations, and new avenues of customer engagement for industrial machinery manufacturers. Developing tools to harness the data generated from the shop floor and make that data available at every step from design to production to service has become a priority for manufacturers.

Mendix helps industrial machinery manufacturers connect data from smart devices located with consumers, suppliers, and manufacturers. The Mendix low-code application development platform lets manufacturers:

  • Collect multi-experience insights from and across machines
  • Provide remote and predictive serviceability
  • Create a culture of co-creation in as-service models
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Build strong connections with product manufacturers and consumers

Product design dictates machine design. Since consumers crave customization in their products, industrial machinery design needs to be customizable as well. Industrial machinery manufacturers need to build strong and responsive connections to product manufacturers and product consumers to support effective customization.

Mendix provides industrial machinery manufacturers with invaluable insight into the customization needs of product manufacturers and consumers. Low-code applications built with the Mendix development platform empower manufacturers to:

  • Engage with manufacturers and consumers across the value chain
  • Accelerate the evolution of new product processes
  • Foster collaboration and co-innovation
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Support your hyperautomation investment

The manufacturers with the most efficient methods for meeting marketplace demands always have a competitive edge. That’s why industrial machinery manufacturers are investing heavily in hyperautomation systems that squeeze the most efficiency out of their information technology, operational technology, and engineering technology processes.

Mendix helps industrial machinery manufacturers create automated workflows that connect diverse technologies, tools, and platforms across the enterprise. Mendix low-code applications can:

  • Extend workflow automation across system and process boundaries
  • Provide the flexibility and predictability to meet business model changes
  • Connect manufacturing ecosystems
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Compete in the global market

The industrial machinery marketplace stretches to every corner of the world. Sweeping new trends in consumer needs and groundbreaking innovations in product design can spring up anywhere and at any time. Industrial machinery manufacturers are under constant pressure to develop business models, like “as-a-service” product offerings, that give them the awareness and responsiveness they need to compete in a global economy.

Mendix connects industrial machinery manufacturers to every participant in their global value chain—on the shop floor, in the field, in transit, and with the consumer. Applications built on the intuitive Mendix low-code platform help manufacturers:

  • Create tightly connected global value chains
  • Provide personalized experiences to customers
  • Build as-service business models
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