How do you uplevel your supply chain?

Make every link stronger with low-code.


Logistics Needs to Get Down to Digital Business

Achieve operational excellence

Work more modern

A disjointed supply chain running on multiple outdated systems that don’t speak to each other hampers source and finished goods inventory control, visibility, and timely deliveries to your customers.

Operational efficiency starts with digitizing analog processes, unifying incongruent legacy systems, and aggregating your data, all of which can be done with low-code applications.

Speed up the slow downs

A workforce still struggling with legacy systems and disparate data sources can’t operate to the best of their abilities.

With Mendix, your people in the field and remote facilities can directly collaborate with your development team to create user-friendly mobile apps that can function offline when needed. Those running the supply chain can get solutions that work for them, making it possible for them to do their jobs faster and more accurately.

Empower the digital workforce

With fully digital processes throughout your supply chain, your employees can focus on higher-value work. Eradicating all those inefficiencies makes it possible to improve your operations even more by integrating new technologies like AI, VR, and IoT.

Make your data matter

The solutions and workflow updates you can create using low-code will enable you to make strategic data-driven decisions, resulting in capital cost savings and a sharper competitive edge.

Digitize hurdles to make way for innovation

Clearing the path to operational efficiency

Exceed Customer Expectations

Make it easy, simple, and quick

The modern customer wants functionality that fits in the palm of their hands. Once your data is aggregated and your core systems are running smoothly you can create customer-facing applications that keep them engaged with your product and loyal to your company.

Waste Wants Met with Low-Code

Suez created a self-service e-commerce portal that allowed customers to choose their own waste management services based on their location.

Go Agile, Stay Adaptable

Leaving legacy purgatory

With Mendix you can create, and update, custom apps that meet the evolving needs of your consumer. Use the platform to update your legacy systems and digitize workflows.

Create bespoke applications and workflows that combine data from disparate core systems like Salesforce CRM, SAP ERP, IBM, Oracle, and many more. A unified system is faster and easier to use and it makes consistent data-driven decisions possible.

Break the Data Entry Bottleneck

Increase efficiency and reduce errors

Manual processes that function using locally-stored databases might still get the job done for prepping shipments or stock allocation, but “good enough” doesn’t make the grade in an industry evolving towards Intelligent Automation. Digitize workflows from sourcing to consumer delivery to create a streamlined supply chain and drive operational efficiency.

PostNL used low-code to build new a core supply chain system

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