Mendix World 2021 | Bring your app development A-team together September 7-9, 2021

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Makers Assemble

Bring your app development A-team together at Mendix World!
September 7-9, 2021


Mendix World 2021

Derek Roos

Low-code, no limits

Let’s go
make it.

Mendix World is the largest virtual gathering of developers, businesspeople, and IT leaders who are assembling better solutions with low-code. Over the course of three days you will see how low-code can help you bring the right ideas, teams, and applications together to make a difference in an increasingly digital world.

Assembly encouraged

As if you need convincing…

Why attend the biggest low-code event on the planet?

  • Global video conference

    Make connections

    in a global community of makers who want to learn from one another

  • Lightbulb twisting in

    Make new ideas a reality

    by exploring what’s possible and learning how to make it happen

  • Tools building an app UI

    Make better apps

    by talking to experts and exploring how-tos to up-level your existing skills

Hear from Mendix Makers around the globe

  • Schiphol Amsterdam Airport

Why attend the biggest low-code event on the planet?

  • Franco Chirichella

    “Mendix World has become an annual event for our development team. After watching use cases from other Mendix customers and experts, I could see firsthand the potential for low-code as a transformational differentiator that delivers value quickly.”

  • Nour Abu Asal

    “As someone who spends most of their time building applications, speaking at Mendix World was a unique opportunity to share what I am passionate about with others. Workflow was my favorite announcement and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the Community has been working on this year!”

Guest keynote address

Connect your visionary thinkers with the visionary thinker

Simon Sinek

September 9

9:00am EST / 15:00 CEST

Simon Sinek