Check below for videos and PDF files of the presentations from Mendix World 2016.

Unveiling Mendix 7

Johan den HaanKeynoteVideoPresentation

In his product keynote, Mendix CTO Johan den Haan will unveil the details of our next major release: Mendix 7. It is our biggest release ever and Johan is proud to share groundbreaking innovations that make Mendix the fastest and easiest way to build Smart Apps, while enabling enterprises to drive digital innovation at scale.

Johan den Haan

CTO, Mendix

As Mendix’s chief technology officer, Johan leads the company’s overall technical strategy and research & product development teams.

Johan speaks regularly at technology events and is a renowned blogger on a range of topics, including PaaS, Model-Driven Development, Scrum, cloud computing and software engineering. He earned a Master of Science in Computer Science with a specialization in Information Architecture from the Delft University of Technology.

It's Simple...

Adrian CockcroftKeynoteVideoPresentation

What does it mean to be simple or complicated? How can we manage complexity when we scale up systems? It's Simple...

Why do people find it horrifying when the unimaginable internal complexity of monolithic apps is replaced by a “death star” diagram of the relationships between microservices? How can we make complicated systems observable? Why do people expect complex adaptive systems to behave predictably? How does complicated relate to intuitive?

Why is one of the most complicated things we own, our smartphone, easy to use by 2 year olds?

This talk is a follow-up to Adrian's popular It's Complicated... talk.

Adrian Cockcroft

Former Cloud Architect, Netflix

Adrian Cockcroft has had a long career working at the leading edge of technology. He’s always been fascinated by what comes next, and he writes and speaks extensively on a range of subjects. At Battery, he advises the firm and its portfolio companies about technology issues and also assists with deal sourcing and due diligence.

Before joining Battery, Adrian helped lead Netflix’s migration to a large scale, highly available public-cloud architecture and the open sourcing of the cloud-native NetflixOSS platform. Prior to that at Netflix he managed a team working on personalization algorithms and service-oriented refactoring.

Adrian was a founding member of eBay Research Labs, developing advanced mobile applications and even building his own homebrew phone, years before iPhone and Android launched. As a distinguished engineer at Sun Microsystems he wrote the best-selling “Sun Performance and Tuning” book and was chief architect for High Performance Technical Computing.

He graduated from The City University, London with a BSC in Applied Physics and Electronics, and was named one of the top leaders in Cloud Computing in 2011 and 2012 by SearchCloudComputing magazine.

Keynote: Derek Roos

Derek RoosKeynoteVideoPresentation

Innovation happens when people with ideas and technology come together. Leverage Mendix 7 to innovate at the speed of ideas and digitize experiences, products, and operations.

Derek Roos

Co-Founder and CEO, Mendix

As chief executive officer, Derek leads a pioneering team of software industry experts with the mission to bridge the gap between business and IT, making business application development dramatically easier, faster and collaborative. As a result, the company is achieving tremendous global growth and disrupting the way many of the world’s leading companies are innovating and differentiating.

Derek earned a Master of Science degree in Business Administration from Erasmus University, Rotterdam. He is a highly sought speaker at IT conferences and is guest lecturer at several universities. Derek has received the Ernst & Young Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year 2012 Award.

Velocity at Scale: Chubb Group’s Policy for Digital Transformation

Max GibbsKeynote

One of the largest insurers in the world, Chubb Group saw an enormous opportunity to grow revenue by enabling brokers and intermediaries to do business with the company without involving traditional underwriters. The challenge: it was going to take an estimated five years to complete a new multiproduct / multi country online quoting and binding platform using traditional approaches. In order to achieve greater business agility, Chubb needed to first embed greater agility in its IT organization.

Discover how Chubb has accelerated its digital transformation by adopting the Mendix platform, supported by the right people and processes. Chubb European Group CIO Max Gibbs will take you through their Mendix journey over the last two years, shedding light on how they’re delivering software in a fraction of the time and cost, key architectural considerations for this major online global platform and some lessons learned along the way.

Max Gibbs

Max Gibbs

CIO, Chubb European Group

Max Gibbs has over 30 years’ experience in IT in leadership roles developing and providing quality IT solutions for international businesses, the majority delivering to Global Insurance and Reinsurance Corporations.

Max began his career as an application developer during the infancy of the PC and has evolved into a Senior IT leader by gaining experience of all technical disciplines in systems development, consulting, service delivery, infrastructure and application support. This grounding coupled with practical knowledge of IT governance, working with regulators, developing strong strategic plans, and exercising large organization leadership skills has allowed him to generate a strong record of delivering IT service and solutions.

Throughout this time, Max has maintained a passion for delivery of quality services to the IT consumer, successfully organizing and tasking IT groups to improve communication, improve service and improve the understanding of the way IT can serve and support a business through delivery of new ideas and initiatives. Job satisfaction highs for him are seeing IT strategic decisions come to fruition, where technology solutions are used to provide a competitive advantage, or solve business problems that limit growth or productivity.

Zone to Win: Organizing to Compete in an Age of Disruption

Geoffrey MooreKeynoteVideoPresentation

It’s only fitting that Mendix World 2016, the premier global conference on innovation and digital transformation, would include Geoffrey Moore, a world leading expert on the market dynamics surrounding disruptive innovations.

But don't worry if you didn't make it to the event. We recorded Moore's dynamic session and are happy to share it with you here.

Geoffrey Moore

Bestselling Author, Consultant & Disruptive Technology Specialist,

Geoffrey Moore is an author, speaker, and advisor who splits his consulting time between startup companies in the Mohr Davidow portfolio and established high-tech enterprises.

Moore’s life’s work has focused on the market dynamics surrounding disruptive innovations. His first book, Crossing the Chasm, focuses on the challenges start-up companies face transitioning from early adopting to mainstream customers. It has sold more than a million copies, and its third edition has been revised such that the majority of its examples and case studies reference companies come to prominence from the past decade. Moore’s most recent work, Escape Velocity, addresses the challenge large enterprises face when they seek to add a new line of business to their established portfolio. It has been the basis of much of his recent consulting.

Irish by heritage, Moore has yet to meet a microphone he didn’t like and gives between 50 and 80 speeches a year. One theme that has received a lot of attention recently is the transition in enterprise IT investment focus from Systems of Record to Systems of Engagement. This is driving the deployment of a new cloud infrastructure to complement the legacy client-server stack, creating massive markets for a next generation of tech industry leaders.

Moore has a bachelors in American literature from Stanford University and a PhD in English literature from the University of Washington. After teaching English for four years at Olivet College, he came back to the Bay Area with his wife and family and began a career in high tech as a training specialist. Over time he transitioned first into sales and then into marketing, finally finding his niche in marketing consulting, working first at Regis McKenna Inc, then with the three firms he helped found: The Chasm Group, Chasm Institute, and TCG Advisors. Today he is chairman emeritus of all three.

Situation Normal, Everything Must Change

Simon WardleyKeynoteVideoPresentation

We live in a competitive world. That competition forces change. It has always forced change. Change is normal.

The question is not whether our organizations will change, that’s a given, but can we see this change before it hits us or are we simply rudderless boats being battered by wave after wave? It certainly feels that way sometimes.

To answer the question we need to understand our landscape, the economic forces at play, the context we operate within and our situational awareness of this. Can we navigate the waters, can we see the storm coming or are we being battered because we refuse to look?

During this talk we will examine the level of situational awareness within business, why it matters and whether we can anticipate and exploit change before it hits us.

Simon Wardley

Researcher, Leading Edge Forum

Simon Wardley is a Researcher for the Leading Edge Forum, a global research and thought leadership community dedicated to helping large organizations become more successful by identifying and adopting Next Practices at the growing intersection between business and information technology.

Simon’s focus is on the intersection of IT strategy and new technologies. His most recent published research (January 2016) is entitled Clash of the Titans: Can China Dethrone Silicon Valley? where he examines the impact of strategic competition at a national and global level, gauging the progress China has made and the likely developments going forward.

His previous research covers topics including Of Wonders and Disruption, The Future is More Predictable Than You Think: A Workbook for Value Chain Mapping. Simon has also covered topics including Beware of Geeks Bearing Gifts: Strategies for an Increasingly Open Economy, Learning from Web 2.0 and A Lifecycle Approach to Cloud Computing

Simon has spent the last 15 years defining future IT strategies for companies in the FMCG, Retail and IT industries. From Canon’s early leadership in the cloud computing space in 2005, to Ubuntu’s recent dominance as the No 1 Cloud operating system.

As a geneticist with a love of mathematics and a fascination in economics, Simon has always found himself dealing with complex systems, whether it’s in behavioural patterns, environmental risks of chemical pollution, developing novel computer systems or managing companies. He is a passionate advocate and researcher in the fields of open source, commoditization, innovation, organizational structure and cybernetics.

Simon is a regular presenter at conferences worldwide, and was voted as one of the UK's top 50 most influential people in IT in ComputerWeekly’s 2012 and 2011 polls.

Understanding the People Aspect of Digital Transformation

Stephan Jacobs, Jornt MoerlandDigital TransformationVideoPresentation

When it comes to digital transformation, people, not technology, is where organizations struggle most. According to Gartner’s 2016 CIO Agenda Report, talent is the #1 barrier to CIO success.

Join this session for insight into addressing the people aspect of digital transformation. Using customer examples, we’ll outline recommended team structures across the three phases of the Mendix Digital Transformation Roadmap. In addition, we’ll discuss the ideal profile of the team members. Lastly, we’ll provide recruiting tips and tricks, including defining your sourcing strategy, creating profiles that attract the right people and identifying the best channels to find them.

Stephan Jacobs

Recruiter EMEA, Mendix

As a recruiter at Mendix, Stephan Jacobs is responsible for all sourcing in the EMEA region. Over the past six years, Stephan has gained extensive experience recruiting for IT roles, including software engineers, QA engineers, software architects and technical / implementation consultants. In that time, he’s been at the center of changing market trends in recruiting talent in the IT space.

Before joining Mendix, Stephan worked as a recruitment consultant, sourcing IT professionals for multiple software companies. In these roles, he developed expertise in effectively engaging talented software specialists and making them enthusiastic about new roles.

Stephan earned a Master of Science with specialization in Human Resources from the Tilburg University. In his spare time, you can find him in the gym & parks training for his next Tough Mudder event.

Jornt Moerland

Director of Customer Success & Professional Services, North America, Mendix

Jornt Moerland is Director of Customer Success & Professional Services, North America at Mendix. In this role, he is responsible for the overall delivery of North American Professional Services, including Customer Success Management, Consulting, Education and Customer Support.

Products, Not Prototypes: How ADP is Building an App a Week

Nicolas DelordCustomer SuccessVideoPresentation

Born out of the NYC ADP Innovation Lab and inspired by the Lean Startup ethos, the ADP Product Incubator's goal is to design, build and validate new product concepts rapidly in the work-related Enterprise and Consumer space.

The mission of the Product Incubator is to increase speed and capability for product innovation and rapid experimentation in a live environment, with an extreme focus on end users: understanding their needs, improving their performance and enabling their success.

The team is currently working on apps that drive personal productivity and performance, individual fulfillment, team dynamics, organizational design, work optimization and skills-improvement. It is a multi-skilled and talented team based in NYC composed of a Product Builder, a Field Trial Researcher, a Behavioral Economist and a Data Scientist.

Join this session to discover how ADP is leveraging Mendix to build an app a week. See how they’re solving one problem at a time with innovative apps, such as a Leadership and Coaching tool that after just six sprints, were rolled out to 50,000 users across the company and across the world.

Nicolas Delord

Creative Technologist, ADP Product Incubator

Nico’s purpose is to deliver simple, practical solutions to create a better workplace for everyone. With 15 years’ experience in software development, this product owner recently traded his Scrum team for a Mendix license. He has since built a dozen apps with the ADP Product Incubator.

Leveraging IoT and Machine Learning to Build Smart Apps using Mendix

Andrej KoelewijnPlatformVideoPresentation

With the growing amount of data available to us, the challenge we currently face is how to deliver this in a practical way to users so they have the right information at the right moment in the right location to take informed actions.

In this session, we will discuss how you can build Smart Apps by combining Internet of Things, Machine learning and the Mendix platform. We will look at ways Mendix enables you to access IoT data, control devices, use historical information and finally make predictions using this data.

Andrej Koelewijn

Product Manager, Mendix

Andrej Koelewijn is a Product Manager at Mendix responsible for the Runtime, data storage and integration aspects of the Mendix platform. He is an experienced IT professional with over 20 years of experience in different roles, ranging from development, to architecture, to pre-sales, to scrum master and scrum product owner.

Many Clouds, One Vision

Jouke WalesonPlatformVideoPresentation

The Mendix Cloud, launched in 2011, is our managed Platform as a Service (PaaS). It allows our customers to focus on apps, while we automate away the infrastructure.

An Open Source PaaS, Cloud Foundry, began getting traction around 2013 and was found to have the same benefits as our home-grown solution. It focuses on standardization, scalability and DevOps-friendly workflows. Three years later, Cloud Foundry has been adopted in the Mendix Cloud and it also forms the basis of IBM Bluemix, Pivotal Web Services, GE Predix and others. Our support for Cloud Foundry allows our customers to run Mendix apps on any of these platforms, which can be on-premises, public or private cloud; all with the same ease of use, all within minutes rather than days, all available TODAY.

In this session you will learn:

  • Mendix & Cloud Foundry 101: platform, services, buildpacks, CI/CD
  • What the flavors of Cloud Foundry are and which edition is right for your organization
  • How Cloud Foundry enforces standardization, making it extremely cheap to operate

Jouke Waleson

Product Manager, Mendix

Jouke Waleson is the Product Manager of the Mendix Cloud with five years of Enterprise PaaS experience. He also is the author of the Mendix Buildpack for Cloud Foundry and the goofy 'decrypt' program. His favorite editors include Vim & PowerPoint. He has presented at both Mendix World 2012 and Mendix World 2014.

Mappings in Mendix: A Powerful, Intuitive Way to Bring Data into Your Apps

Kevin Dullemond, Pieter van BalenPlatformVideoPresentation

The volume of business data worldwide doubles roughly every 1.2 years, which has given rise to the term big data. The rising popularity of the Internet of things will only accelerate this trend.

One thing is clear: it’s crucial that you can easily access all that data in your Mendix apps to create value for your users. Access to data is not uniform, though. It’s stored in a variety of formats and communicated over a myriad of protocols. On top of that, you are often only interested in very specific parts of the data!

To help, Mendix has long supported the transformation of data through mappings. However, these capabilities were previously only accessible to expert developers. With the release of Mendix 6, we have greatly improved these features and made the process way more intuitive.

In this session, we will show how easy it is to use the mappings in Mendix to transform your data. But we won’t stop there! We will also show what you can do if you need to deviate from the default behavior, share a number of tips and tricks for getting your data transformation just right and show off some new developments. Finally, we will share interesting use cases to illustrate how this functionality can be valuable to you!

Kevin Dullemond

Software Engineer and Scrum Master, Mendix

Since November 2014, Kevin Dullemond has worked on the Mendix integration team, first as a software engineer and now also as a Scrum Master. Kevin and his team work on features that facilitate the integration of Mendix applications with external systems. Recent examples include OData support (Mendix DX) and improved mapping features (Mendix 6.1). Currently, they’re working on JSON mappings and bringing native REST support to the Mendix Modeler.

Prior to working for Mendix, Kevin received a PhD in Computer Science from the Delft University of Technology for his research on support for remotely collaborating software engineering teams.

Pieter van Balen

Lead Software Developer, Integration Team, Mendix

Pieter is Lead Software Developer in the Integration team at Mendix. He likes to connect all kinds of systems and cannot wait to enable Mendix for the merge of the digital and physical worlds. He has an Electrical Engineering degree from Delft University.

After working hours, Pieter can be found hiking in nature and experimenting with GPS devices and gadgets to record and analyze his hike tracking data. He prefers to spend his holidays in Spain or in the Swiss Alps.

Best Practices for Applying Agile within Your Mode 2 Organization

Nick FordDigital TransformationVideoPresentation

While agile development methodologies like Scrum are absolutely critical to innovation and digital transformation, there are a number of principles that don’t work in practice with Mode 2 organizations.

This presentation will explain how to best apply Scrum within your ‘Mode 2’ Mendix team. Discover common pitfalls to avoid, including self-fulfilling teams and shielding developers from users, as well as best practices for effective business-IT collaboration. Lastly, hear tips and tricks for getting started with DevOps, including key funding, organizational and technical considerations to ensure you not only build but release software faster!

Nick Ford

Senior Director, Product Marketing, Mendix

Nick Ford is a Solutions Consultant with over 25 years’ experience in developing, delivering and supporting business solutions in highly abstracted languages. His career spans both pre-sales and technical roles as a developer and solutions consultant.

Nick’s current focus at Mendix is helping organizations embrace the business opportunities that are created through the adoption of digital technologies. Digital initiatives are disrupting the status quo which presents challenges but also opportunities for those that can rapidly embrace and execute a digital strategy.

Nick works closely with our customers and platform, Mendix, to deliver multi-channel applications to market in a fraction of the time and costs taken by traditional tools and techniques. In other words, he enables our customers to compete and win in global markets.

Engineering Culture of Excellence

Joost MuldersPlatformVideoPresentation

Why do companies like Spotify, Netflix and Mendix have a competitive advantage?

In today’s fast-moving business world, it is essential to be as effective as possible. The absolute key to this is engaged employees. Employee engagement is earned through appealing to the intrinsic motivators instead of the basic extrinsic motivators.

In this presentation, we will go into the theory of extrinsic vs. intrinsic motivators, how they fit into the workplace and most importantly, how they contribute to employee engagement. Next to the theoretical part, we will demonstrate the link with our culture at Mendix, showing real-life examples of our culture and how they contribute to the intrinsic motivators.

Joost Mulders

Software Development Manager, Mendix

Joost Mulders is Software Development Manager at Mendix. With a wide range of experience in IT built up over the past 16 years from software engineer, business analyst, project manager, agile coach and software development manager, Joost’s focus within Mendix is to build and foster the most productive work environment for the development teams within the Mendix R&D department.

Besides his work, Joost is an enthusiastic runner, participating in marathons and ultra-trails. Constantly seeking to extend his boundaries in endurance running, Joost can be found in his spare time on the trails in The Netherlands and Belgium, training for the next challenge.

A Three-Tier Model for Classifying and Managing Innovation

Rod WillmottStrategic TrendsVideoPresentation

Join Rod Willmott, fast-track innovation director at LV= Insurance, as he outlines LV=’s three-tier classification system for managing innovation: One & Done, Land & Expand and Test & Invest. Discover why LV= started categorizing innovation this way, how they approach each type of project and lessons learned in implementing this approach, including how to effectively change the development mentality and transition innovations to mainstream IT.

Rod Willmott

, LV=

Rod Willmott is Fast Track (Innovation) Director at LV Insurance, one of the biggest UK-based insurance companies with £7 billion of turnover providing life, care, travel and home insurance to more than 5 million customers. Rod is at the center of the innovation cycle at LV where they have innovation functions ranging from a Fast Track team that deliver rapid IT solutions, business-embedded innovation at the ground level and a Lab where new and future business concepts are explored. Rod is also a Mentor at Startup Bootcamp Fintech in the UK and on the mentor program at MS Ventures.

How Mendix Supports Endemol’s Cloud-First, Mobile-First Strategy

Leon BackbierCustomer SuccessVideo

Endemol Shine Group is a global production powerhouse creating world-class content for all platforms. From a software development standpoint, the company had always embraced a mobile-first strategy. But meeting user expectations for multi-platform access was challenging. Because the same app had to be built natively four times, IT struggled to deliver on time.

In this session, Endemol will share how Mendix is accelerating its cloud-first, mobile-first strategy. Discover how Endemol can now develop an app once and instantly run it on every platform, saving time and money—while maintaining an excellent user experience. In addition, gain insight into their cloud strategy, including how Mendix apps integrate with AWS, and future plans for Mendix.

Leon Backbier

ICT Manager, Endemol Shine Nederland BV

As ICT Manager of Endemol Shine Nederland BV, Leon Backbier is responsible for the development and formulation of its ICT vision, strategy and policy. His mission is to ensure IT is consistent with business objectives, in order best to support Endemol’s business goals and end users.

Legal Disruption, Finally: tools4legal Tells Their Story

Filip CorveleynCustomer SuccessVideo

In this session, Filip Corveleyn (R&D Director tools4legal) is interviewed by Herbert Blankesteijn (Technology reporter of BNR Newsradio) about the disruptive waves they are making in the legal world and how they managed to receive a Financial Times Innovative Lawyers award in the first year of their existence.

There is hardly a way around the brilliant minds of large law firms when it comes to the truly big legal issues. Yet, only an estimated 20% of the legal work comprises highly-qualified tasks. This leaves 80% of very basal routine work; an estimated 60% of time spent by lawyers does not even require specific legal skills. It requires project management, process know-how and work stream intelligence. This, however, is not reflected in the invoice. Tools4Legal is here to change that.

In this interview, you will learn how tools4legal uses Mendix to their advantage and what they do to stay on the edge of legal innovation.

Filip Corveleyn

Research & Development, Tools4Legal

Filip Corveleyn, in his previous professional life, was a specialized employment law lawyer - passionate about change project management. During his 14-year career, he actively managed numerous large employment restructuring programs for international clients, in addition to providing consultancy on legal project management.

Filip read law at the University of Louvain – where he also later obtained a Master’s degree in European Tax law. Later, he obtained an MBA degree from the University of Cambridge Judge Business School.

After obtaining his MBA, Filip founded Tools4Legal in 2015 together with Felix Rackwitz, which currently is expanding fast (to date operational in 21 countries in Europe). Tools4Legal re-engineers and transforms legal service delivery for large corporations, deploying end-to-end solutions for recurring legal work.

How to Start Your Digital Transformation

Roald KruitDigital TransformationVideoPresentation

Before understanding ‘how’ to get started with digital transformation, you need to know ‘what’ you want to achieve. And before you know what you want to achieve, you need to know ‘why’ you want to achieve it.

This presentation from Roald Kruit, Co-Founder and head of the Digital Transformation Practice at Mendix, will address the why, what and how of digital transformation. Gain insight into the key tech trends creating new opportunities to innovate and why a bimodal approach is crucial to developing the organizational capabilities required to capitalize on them. Lastly, walk away with practical advice on how to get started and put your digital transformation on the fast track.

Roald Kruit

Co-Founder and Head of Digital Transformation Practice, Mendix

Roald Kruit is co-founder of Mendix and the technical brain behind the Mendix platform. Roald graduated cum laude in computer sciences at the Rotterdam University. Despite his technical acumen, his first customer engagement as a new IT entrepreneur was a disaster, as the customer had something different in mind than Roald had understood.

Based on this experience, Roald decided to do follow-on studies at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam and Technical University in Delft and got a Master’s in Information Technology and Economics. It became clear to him that he was not the only one experiencing the proverbial gap between Business and IT. Despite all technological innovation, the success rate of IT projects had not improved significantly over several decades.

Roald and his co-founders Derckjan Kruit and Derek Roos decided to fix this for good. The idea for Mendix was born: an application platform that would bring Business & IT together based on model-driven development for rapid application delivery. First time right.

The idea proved to be a hit. Mendix has grown rapidly since its inception 10 years ago. The digitization of business that is taking place in the market right now fuels the demand for IT to become more agile and responsive to ever evolving needs from the business.

As a lead architect and head of the Digital Transformation Practice at Mendix, Roald puts his mark on this new category of software platforms in addition to successfully guiding customers through their digital transformation.

Scaling your apps with the Mendix UI Framework

Erik HeddemaPlatformPresentation

Whether you’re building applications for external customers or internal users, demand for beautiful, fully responsive applications is growing. In other words, great UI/UX can make or break your apps.

In this session, Mendix UX Manager Erik Heddema will share best practices for leveraging the Mendix UI Framework and Theme Creator. In addition to showing how to get started quickly, Erik will cover more advanced topics, such as implementing an overarching UI/UX strategy across your application portfolio and engaging developers on how to best leverage the framework. You’ll also see real examples of engaging, multi-channel applications built with the framework.

Erik Heddema

UX Manager, Mendix

As UX Manager at Mendix, Erik Heddema is responsible for coordinating platform UX requirements with customers, partners and Mendix R&D and for delivering product innovations like the Mendix UI Framework and Mendix Theme Creator. Erik has been working at Mendix for more than six years and has held different roles to broaden his expertise, including Front End / Interaction Designer and Scrum Master for the UX team.

Before joining Mendix, Erik worked for full-service internet bureau iWink, where he learned all there is to building beautiful websites. Besides work, he loves to learn and work on everything related to great product design.

How Enexis is Accelerating Innovation by Building App Factories

Hans Minderhoud, Gert-Jan van GisterenCustomer SuccessVideo

How do you go from 0 to 40 apps in two years, with a vision to exceed 200 by 2018? As Enexis learned, adopting a rapid application development platform is just one of several steps on the path to becoming an agile enterprise.

Join this session for a peak into Enexis’ digital transformation journey. Discover how they’ve brought together the right people, processes and platform to create App Factories capable of delivering new apps every other week. Gain insight into key architectural, quality assurance and governance considerations for supporting this scale, along with traps to avoid along the way. Lastly, learn about their plans to move to a full DevOps organization to support continuous delivery.

Hans Minderhoud

Enterprise Solution Architect, Enexis

Hans Minderhoud is Enterprise Solution Architect within Enexis, with about 25 years’ experience in IT. Within Essent & RWE, Hans had a strong focus on the industrial and trading market segments, where he introduced an integral business services vision together with the IT-SOA concept.

Within Enexis, Hans works at the CIO Office and is also chairman of the Architecture Solution Group where all domain architects are participating. In addition, he is chairman of the Integration and Data Authority. Within these roles, Rapid Product Development (RPD) is positioned firmly as one the most important solution patterns, as are Agile processes and development platforms. Within Enexis, Hans introduced Agile concepts to the company’s business directors. The Mendix development platform together with mobile application development, are currently two focus areas of the RPD factory. The business innovation track is now in development, where Gert-Jan and Hans are positioned as the leading architects.

Gert-Jan van Gisteren

Enterprise Architect, Enexis

Gert-Jan van Gisteren is a creative Enterprise Architect with 31 years’ experience in IT, 20 years in change management and 12 years in software and enterprise architecture, working with Enexis. As manager of enterprise architecture, he introduced a SOA architecture within Essent and RWE and a new vision and architecture for business intelligence and integration.

Currently, Gert-Jan is responsible for IT strategy, innovation and change management within Enexis. Mid 2014, he formulated the Enexis vision and roadmap to an Agile Enterprise, Rapid Product Development and DevOps and he started a program to transform business and IT. Later that year, a development platform was selected and in January 2015, the Rapid Product Development factory delivered their first products. In January 2015, the company began executing a roadmap for more Agile business & IT, culminating in development of eight new capabilities, training programs and business & IT transformation programs for the whole of the Enexis organization.

RWS’ Platform Strategy: Driving Smart Operations with Smart Apps

Strategic TrendsVideo

Join this session to discover how Rijkswaterstaat is streamlining operations and accelerating its digital transformation by implementing a comprehensive platform strategy that brings together best-in-class technologies and services.

See examples of how Rijkswaterstaat is leveraging Mendix to rapidly build smart apps that integrate with SAS, SharePoint and SAP, and run on Pivotal Cloud Foundry. In addition, gain insight into how they’re employing component-based development to enable easy sharing and reuse of application building blocks, both within RWS and in collaboration with other government agencies.

Lastly, in addition to platforms, discover how Rijkswaterstaat is addressing the people and process aspects of digital transformation, in order to successfully execute on a growing portfolio of initiatives.

Improving Development of Your App Models with the Mendix SDK

Michel Westrate, David HartveldPlatformVideoPresentation

With the release of Mendix 6, we opened up the core of the Mendix Platform: The Model API provides you with full programmatic access to your app models. You can now write scripts to export, analyze, update and import app models.

In this session, we will provide an introduction to the Model API & Platform SDK, using use cases and real examples to illustrate the value and possibilities. We will do a live coding demo to show you how to set up your first Mendix SDK script that analyzes your app model to collect some essential model statistics.

We will finish with a hands-on Q&A where you can ask detailed SDK-related questions. If you would like guidance from our experts on writing SDK scripts, this is the opportunity to show us your code – so feel free to bring your laptop! We encourage you to send questions in advance to so that we can come armed with answers.

Michel Westrate

Lead Developer, Mendix

Michel Westrate is a Mendixite who has been with the company from the very beginning—and who simply loves coding. As lead developer, he has been involved in many products of the Mendix stack and is also author of several open source libraries, including the Mendix Rest Services and Mobservable. Michel is part of the team that builds the Mendix Model SDK and other exciting new capabilities to be launched at Mendix World, so be prepared for an in-depth session into the wondrous world of the Mendix Model SDK.

David Hartveld

Product Manager, Mendix

Having graduated just a few years ago with an MSc in Computer Science from Delft University of Technology, David Hartveld is always pushing the boundaries of what is possible with the Mendix platform. He started at Mendix as a software engineer in the Platform Portal team, straight from school. He has now taken on the role of Product Manager of the Platform Portal. In this role, he brings his pragmatic approach to building software to the development of the parts of the platform for which he is responsible.

Besides work, David is a baseball enthusiast and amateur player. He lives in the center of Rotterdam, just an inspiring bike ride through the breathing heart of the city away from the Mendix office.

Start Your Engines: Managing Software Quality in a Mode 2 World

Joost VisserStrategic TrendsVideoPresentation

Software quality measurement is not new. But what has changed—dramatically—is the rules and responsibilities for quality assurance in a Mode 2 world.

Combining agile methodologies with a rapid application development platform like Mendix is like driving a racecar. The speed is exhilarating but at the same time, you need a dashboard to keep your car safely on the road.

In his talk, Prof. Joost Visser will discuss how Mode 2 teams can integrate real-time quality assurance into their development processes, ensuring that speed and agility don't come at the expense of technical debt. He’ll also share how these practices can be applied to increase transparency with implementation partners.

Joost Visser

Head of Research, SIG

As head of research at SIG (Software Improvement group), Joost Visser is responsible for running a unique, certified software analysis laboratory. This lab performs standardized inspections against the ISO 25010 international standard for software quality. The same models used in the lab power the Mendix Application Quality Monitor (AQM).

Joost also holds a part-time position as Professor of Large-Scale Software Systems at the Radboud University Nijmegen, The Netherlands. He is the author of the book, “Building Maintainable Software: Ten Guidelines for Future-Proof Code.”

Automated Testing: When and How to Apply in the Mendix Digital Transformation Roadmap

Bart Luijten, Bart TolenDigital TransformationVideoPresentation

The biggest misconception about the Process aspect of Digital Transformation is that it’s just agile. While rapid, iterative development is indeed important, so too are processes for quality assurance, including software testing. In fact, agile requires full test cycles encompassing functional and acceptance testing each sprint.

Given these demands, automated testing might seem like the obvious answer. But is it right for every project? And how can it best be applied? This presentation will discuss automated testing best practices, including when and when not to use it. In addition, see an automated testing demo based on a real-world example at scale.

Bart Luijten

Consultant, Mendix

Bart Luijten is a results-oriented, enthusiastic and pragmatic IT professional with six years of Mendix architecture and consulting experience across a variety of sectors. As a member of the Mendix professional services team, he helps customers design, build and test web and mobile applications using the Mendix platform and Scrum methodology.

Bart is well immersed in solution architecture, project design, technical support, project delivery, quality assurance and customer support. Moreover, he possesses excellent knowledge of the possibilities and applications of the Mendix platform.

Digital Disruptors Panel: Upending Markets Through Innovative Use of Technology

David Dart, Glenn Sanford, Filip CorveleynCustomer SuccessVideo

According to MIT’s Center for Information Systems Research, 32% of revenue is at risk over the next five years due to digital disruption. While Uber, Netflix and Airbnb are the easy examples, there are many more companies upending traditional industries by making software a defining characteristic of their business.

Attend this panel to discover the secrets of these digital disruptors. Gain insight into their digital vision, and the role of of software development and platforms like Mendix in realizing it. See how they’re delivering innovative digital products to compete and win against larger rivals.

Whether you’re a startup looking to disrupt an existing market or an incumbent looking to go on the offensive, you won’t want to miss this panel!

David Dart

Chief Technology Officer, CAN Capital

David Dart joined CAN Capital in 2015 and brings more than 25 years of financial technology experience, covering retail banking, investment banking, wholesale and corporate banking. He is an expert at deploying transformational technological strategies, building teams, and bridging the gap between an organization’s core business functions and IT.

Dart most recently served as Chief Technology Officer at Synovus, one of the largest community banks in the Southeast, where his responsibilities included enterprise-wide IT strategy and planning and the development of the company’s technology vision, as well as implementation and deployment. He previously worked as Senior Vice President and Head of Information Technology and Corporate Services for the Americas at HSH Nordbank, and prior to that was Managing Director and CIO at HVB Group.

Glenn Sanford

Founder and CEO, eXp Realty

Glenn Sanford is the founder and CEO of eXp Realty, “The Agent-owned Cloud Brokerage.” After being involved with a number of internet start-ups in the 1990’s and early 2000’s, including a stint at AOL, Glenn started a highly successful real estate career in 2002. In 2006, his fourth full year in the business, Glenn and his team closed over $60,000,000 in real estate almost entirely from online lead generation, and was ranked as one of the top 50 teams nationally with Keller Williams.

After the downturn in 2008, he and his team developed the first cloud-based brokerage model that uses a 3D avatar based online office to collaborate and communicate while abandoning the physical brick-and-mortar infrastructure normally associated with real estate brokerage. In the last six and a half years, since launching with 25 agents, eXp Realty has grown to over 1,000 agents in 35 states and Alberta Canada and over 88 different MLS market areas.

eXp Realty refers to itself as Agent-owned and the company recently became a public company distributing equity to its productive agent owners. eXp Realty also provides an ESOP style Stock Ownership Program for its agents and brokers as well as a revenue sharing program all designed to enhance the agent centric business model as well as increasing agent attraction and retention.

Filip Corveleyn

Research & Development, Tools4Legal

Filip Corveleyn, in his previous professional life, was a specialized employment law lawyer - passionate about change project management. During his 14-year career, he actively managed numerous large employment restructuring programs for international clients, in addition to providing consultancy on legal project management.

Filip read law at the University of Louvain – where he also later obtained a Master’s degree in European Tax law. Later, he obtained an MBA degree from the University of Cambridge Judge Business School.

After obtaining his MBA, Filip founded Tools4Legal in 2015 together with Felix Rackwitz, which currently is expanding fast (to date operational in 21 countries in Europe). Tools4Legal re-engineers and transforms legal service delivery for large corporations, deploying end-to-end solutions for recurring legal work.

Extending the Mendix Platform with the Mendix Connector Kit

Andrej KoelewijnPlatformVideoPresentation

Extensibility has always been an important aspect of the Mendix platform. Using Java actions, you can connect to existing applications and services. The Mendix Connector Kit offers the next level in extensibility: focused on ease of use and robustness, the Connector Kit enables anyone to connect to external applications and services with the speed and ease typical to the Mendix platform.

During this session, we will introduce the Connector Kit and outline how you can use it to build easy-to-use extensions to the Mendix platform. We will introduce and demo a number of interesting connectors that will enable you to do this.

Andrej Koelewijn

Product Manager, Mendix

Andrej Koelewijn is a Product Manager at Mendix responsible for the Runtime, data storage and integration aspects of the Mendix platform. He is an experienced IT professional with over 20 years of experience in different roles, ranging from development, to architecture, to pre-sales, to scrum master and scrum product owner.

Scaling Digital Innovation – Use the Mendix Web Modeler to Foster Innovative Ideas

Arjan HendriksenPlatformVideoPresentation

With technologies like mobile, IoT and machine learning transforming business faster than ever, the need for digital innovation has never been greater. But digital innovation requires rapid experimentation with new ideas and close collaboration between business and IT to bring them to life.

In this session, we will present the new Mendix Web Modeler and how it can help you transform innovative ideas into Smart Apps. We will illustrate how these new capabilities bring the core Mendix principle of fast visual modeling and collaboration to the next level, enabling more users within your organization to participate in application development.

Do you want to start validating new ideas that result in innovative Smart Apps that transform your operations, customer engagement and business models? Then don’t miss this session.

Arjan Hendriksen

Product Manager, Mendix

As Product Manager at Mendix, Arjan Hendriksen leads the Core Modeler teams. His focus areas are Core Modeler functionalities and the Cloud-based Model API.

Over the past 15 years, Arjan has gained a broad IT experience, from hardcore modeling and programming to pre-sales and creative aspects like workshop facilitation.

Before joining Mendix, Arjan was the Mendix Thought Leader at Capgemini. In this role, he developed the Mendix strategy and helped Capgemini become one of the leading Mendix partners.

Arjan earned a Master of Science with a specialization in Computing Science from the Radboud University, Nijmegen.

Start-Structure-Scale: Why Digital Transformation Can’t Boil the Ocean

Menno OdijkDigital TransformationVideoPresentation

Digital transformation is all about timing. That’s why you need a roadmap, guiding you to do the right things at precisely the right moment.

Building upon this blog post, this presentation will go into greater depth on the Mendix Digital Transformation Roadmap. Gain a better understanding of how to address your Portfolio, People, Process and Platform requirements across three distinct phases of transformation: Start, Structure and Scale. More importantly, see how this roadmap is being implemented by Mendix customers and learn important Do’s and Don’ts based on these real-world examples.

Menno Odijk

Director Sales Engineering EMEA, Mendix

As Director of Sales Engineering EMEA, Menno Odijk leads a team of trusted advisors that help organizations understand and maximize the value of the Mendix platform. A firm believer that the biggest challenge driving digital innovation is not technology but leading change, Menno is also member of the Mendix Digital Transformation Practice, where he helps guide customers in defining a roadmap to execute on their digital goals.

Menno is an experienced and skilled professional in the fields of application Platform-as-a-Service (aPaas), Customer Experience Management and Enterprise Content Management. Keeping up to date with current technologies and helping organizations benefit from them is of key importance to him.

Building Offline, Cross-Platform Mobile Apps in Mendix

Marcel GroenewegPlatformPresentation

Your users are always on and they expect their apps to be too—across platforms, on any device and regardless of connection. While demand for offline usage is growing, building offline mobile apps has been a daunting technical challenge for developers. Not anymore.

In this session, we’ll dive into building offline mobile apps in Mendix. Gain insight into features, such as static resource storage, read/write data access, bidirectional image synch and reference data selector, and how they can be applied to deliver an optimal offline experience. In addition, see a demo of a real customer app, along with experiences from the trenches on turning offline limitations into advantages.

Marcel Groeneweg

Mendix Consultant, ITvisors

Marcel Groeneweg is a Mendix enthusiast with more than 20 years’ development experience in various IT platforms and tools. He started developing on the Mendix platform three years ago and has contributed various components to the Mendix App Store.

Marcel likes to interact with customers and can listen very well to their business needs. He works proactively to create the best end solution for the client. Furthermore, he is specialized to create apps that provide real business value, really fast.

Digical: Developing the Visionary Customer Journey

Kamales LardiStrategic TrendsVideoPresentation

As the world around us becomes increasingly digital, consumers are quickly adopting technology and benefiting from easy, fast accessibility to the online world. These "visionary" customers are sophisticated, connected and omni-present. As a result, they expect to be able to interact with companies in a similar way. As companies adapt, the need for alignment between online and offline business access points has also increased.

In this session, learn how to create sustainable "digical" presences that align online and offline access points. Additionally, discover best practices for interacting with visionary customers and developing an omni-channel customer journey.

Kamales Lardi

Digital Transformation Strategist & Author,

Kamales Lardi is a strategist specializing in the areas of digital transformation, social media strategy and enterprise collaboration. She is also a published author, lecturer and dynamic keynote speaker. Kamales has 16 years of experience in management consulting, specialising in strategy, business process optimisation and technology implementation. Her passion for digital, social media and enterprise collaboration led her to become the head of social media and collaboration at Deloitte Switzerland. Since 2012, she has been an independent consultant, working with companies such as UBS, Swiss Federal Railway (SBB), Victorinox and Sanitas Insurance among others.

Bases on her experiences, she developed the Social Media Strategy Framework that guides companies utilising digital technologies to gain sustainable business value. The framework is presented in her book “Social Media Strategy – A Step-By-Step Guide To Building Your Social Business”. Kamales consults with well-known European companies and lectures on social media strategy at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW).

The Mode 2 Stack: How to Make Digital Innovation Plug and Play

Erno RoriveDigital TransformationVideoPresentation

Mega trends like cloud, IoT, big data, analytics and machine learning are fundamentally redefining ‘apps’ as we know them. Yet, many enterprises struggle to grasp this complex, fast-changing landscape and apply these technologies to drive breakthrough innovation.

Join this session for a look inside the Mode 2 stack— a pluggable architecture for seamlessly leveraging these technologies with Mendix. Gain insight into how they conceptually integrate to create new opportunities and see live examples of Mendix integration with Cloud Foundry, Pivotal Big Data, AWS IoT and SAS Predictive Analytics. You’ll leave with practical how-to’s for implementing a Mode 2 stack within your own organization.

Erno Rorive

Technical Alliance Manager, Mendix

As a technical alliance manager, Erno Rorive takes the lead in building value propositions and solutions together with Mendix’s strategic alliances, with the goal of supporting customers in their journey to become continuous innovators.

Erno has 20 years of experience in the software Industry, working as an engineer for innovative startups during the .com period as well as large enterprise software companies like EMC². He has supported customers, such as ING Bank, European Commission, DSM and ABN Amro Bank, on their strategic IT choices as a solution architect.

Erno has broad knowledge of the IT ecosystem, which he leverages to translate vision into reality and technical detail into business value.

The Age of Disruption: Exploring the Relationship Between Business Model Reinvention, Growth and Competitive Advantage

Cor van der StruijfStrategic TrendsVideo

What makes the world’s top executives cringe? A few years ago, one could see the competition coming. The biggest risk was the advent of a new rival with a better or cheaper product or service. And you could fend off the threat by improving or expanding the range of products and services you offered, or getting to market more efficiently and imaginatively. Today, the competition is often invisible until it’s too late.

What was once a relatively rare phenomenon has now become a regular occurrence. Innovations that harness new technologies or business models, or exploit old technologies in new ways, are emerging on an almost daily basis. And the most disruptive enterprises don’t gradually displace the incumbents; they reshape entire industries, swiftly obliterating whatever stands in their way.

So how are companies tackling the threat of competition from companies in other sectors or with very different business models? In this session, we will explore what they think the future holds, how they are identifying new trends and how they are positioning their organizations to prosper in the “Age of Disruption.”

Cor van der Struijf

Senior Cloud Advisor, IBM

As Senior Cloud Advisor, Cor van der Struijf helps clients with their business and IT challenges in the Cloud solution domain. For that, he develops and deploys comprehensive, innovative solutions in partnership with clients and partners like Mendix. His focus is on sharing best practices, how to use Cloud technologies and practices, and how this can change organizations to cope with the "Age of Disruption."

Before this position, Cor held several senior positions at both IBM and Sun Microsystems, including Global Technical Advisor and Alliance Architect.

Cor is a member of the IBM Academy of Technology Leadership Team. He holds a Doctorate Degree in Physics from Utrecht University and an MBA from Warwick Business School.

Supporting Oil & Gas Discoveries in the Netherlands

Oscar BergerCustomer SuccessVideo

EBN has been one of the early adapters of Mendix, experiencing the strengths of the platform and the cooperation of the Mendix R&D department. In this session, ICT Manager Oscar Berger will share these experiences, including how to position Mendix within the EBN technical architecture to maximize the benefits of the platform. In this interactive session Oscar will be interviewed by the well-known Dutch internet journalist Herbert Blankensteijn.

Oscar Berger

ICT Manager, EBN

Oscar Berger is responsible for ICT within our National State Oil & Gas Company EBN. New oil & gas discoveries on Dutch soil rely on reliable integrated data. The last seven years, Oscar and his team have been building the EBN enterprise architecture and systems supporting the exploration and production of Dutch gas fields.

Before joining EBN, Oscar worked for several ICT and consulting companies combining his knowledge as a business economist and ICT.

External Database Integration in Mendix: From Data Silos to Insightful and Actionable Smart Data

Roland ReumermanPlatformVideoPresentation

The Mendix platform offers many ways to integrate with external data, but integrating with external databases has not been a seamless experience until now, even though it is one of the most asked-for features. The new Database Connector in the Mendix platform supports effortless access to external databases, without limiting you in your choice of database or SQL dialect, enabling you to incorporate your external data directly in your Mendix app.

During this session we will discuss how you can unlock data stored in isolated external databases in the Mendix platform using the Database Connector, and how that data can be retrieved and altered in a Microflow. First we will show how to configure the Database Connector with any database that can be accessed through a JDBC driver, and next zoom in on the SQL query and modification capabilities of the Database Connector. Then we will compare the Database Connector module to the Database Replication module. And finally we will showcase how to make the Database Connector actionable through a demo in which we make data stored in an external database insightful through a batched Machine Learning prediction, turning the data into smart data.

Roland Reumerman

Senior Data Engineer, Mendix

Roland Reumerman is a Senior Data Engineer in the Data Storage R&D team at Mendix. He loves to work on code at the intersection of databases and the Mendix Runtime, dealing with model and data persistence, query transformations and optimizations and external data.

A graduate of the University of Amsterdam (MA in European Studies), Roland has been working as a software developer for 15 years. He has been involved in many data-oriented fields of software engineering, ranging from relational and NoSQL databases, data mining and predictive analytics, log processing and content management to big data and data science.

Outside of work, Roland likes to spend quality time with his family and read books about computer science and linguistics.

R&D Insight: Building a new Mendix page editor


The page editor is a central part of the Mendix Modeler. It supports navigation layouts, snippets, data sources and many (custom) widgets. The current editor provides an abstract view of the page which is great for editing but it is hard to see how the page will look like in the browser. In the WebUI team, we are building a new WYSIWYG page editor which is compatible with existing projects. In this session, we will show you how we are building the new editor, which technologies we are using and a few of the challenges we have encountered so far. We will show you an exclusive sneak peek of the current status and there will be plenty of opportunities to ask us geeky questions.

Johan Flint, Mendix
Arjan van Ijzendoorn, Mendix

MIT’s 2020 Vision: Transforming IT to Drive High-Velocity Innovation

Olu BrownCustomer SuccessVideo

In 2014, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) launched an ambitious multi-year transformation program. Its purpose was to dramatically improve IT’s responsiveness to the MIT community, enabling better support of innovation.

In this session, MIT will share its formula for high-velocity innovation: people + processes + platforms. In addition to retraining its IT team and implementing agile methodologies, MIT will share why it adopted Mendix for rapid development of new applications. You’ll see how Mendix was integrated into MITs existing IT ecosystem and gain insight into specific projects, API integration and architecture decisions. Lastly, hear about MIT’s future plans for Mendix as it continues its transformation into a highly responsive agile organization.

Olu Brown

Director of Platform Engagement, MIT

Olu Brown is the Director of Platform Engagement at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), where he is responsible for IT Application Platforms, Data Science and Business Intelligence teams. These teams have a specific focus of using new, cutting-edge technologies to drive IT innovation at MIT.

Olu has 18 years of experience as an IT professional in different roles, including consultant, software developer, technical architect and leader of technology innovations teams. He has worked in a variety of industries, including pharmaceutical, financial, cybersecurity and logistics.

Achieving High Availability and Scalability using Clustered Mendix Runtimes

Arjen Hoekstra, Kilian CroesePlatformVideoPresentation

Having a reliable, fail-over architecture and being able to increase and decrease the number of nodes depending on load is quickly becoming the norm nowadays.

In this session, we will take a peak under the hood of the Mendix Runtime to explain how effortless high availability and elastic scalability can be achieved with Mendix. We will demonstrate with a concrete application running on Cloud Foundry how you can easily scale out when the load increases.

Arjen Hoekstra

Software Developer, Mendix

Arjen is a member of the Mendix R&D team and has been with the company more than nine years. Before that, he studied Computer Science (BSc) and Human Media Interaction (MSc) at the University of Twente. At Mendix, Arjen develops the Runtime of the Mendix Platform, the part which interprets and executes the models defined in the Mendix Business Modeler.

Kilian Croese

Senior Consultant, Conclusion

Kilian Croese is a certified Expert Developer and Mendix trainer working at Conclusion. After graduating from Delft University of Technology with a Computer Science degree, he started developing apps with Mendix and now is a long-time Mendix developer who has worked on many projects, ranging from quick and simple to long-running complex projects.

Kilian now acts as the technical heart of the Business Applications Modelling practice within Conclusion. He trains junior developers, is responsible for delivering high-quality apps and advises organizations how to best leverage the power of the platform.

After giving a presentation about performance at Mendix World 2014, Kilian will now join forces with Mendix’s Arjen Hoekstra to talk about Achieving High Availability and Scalability using Clustered Mendix Runtimes.

Getting Out of the Gate: How to Make Your Start Phase a Success

Pieter StolpDigital TransformationVideoPresentation

The first project will make or break your digital transformation program. If it’s not successful, the entire initiative is likely to die on the vine.

This session will highlight key success factors and practical tips and tricks for making your first project a success. We’ll cover prerequisites for getting started, how to structure your initial development team and how to effectively engage the business in rapid, iterative development. Lastly, we’ll share why celebrating success is key to creating a flywheel effect that allows your digital transformation to take off.

Pieter Stolp

Director of Services EMEA, Mendix

As Director of Services EMEA, Pieter Stolp leads a team of experts that deliver bespoke projects and help organizations understand and maximize the value of the Mendix platform. Pieter has been working at Mendix for more than six years and has gained extensive experience while driving Mendix at the intersection of business and IT.

Pieter is also a member of the Mendix Digital Transformation Practice and from his experience, understands the challenges organizations run into and helps guide customers in driving a roadmap to execute on their digital goals. By developing best-practices and providing the right coaching and expertise, he and his team help to lead change.

Replacing the Mendix Cloud Engine

Riccardo Cefala, Xiwen ChengPlatformPresentation

Mendix Cloud was launched in 2011 and has been the home for more 10,000 applications since then. In this talk, Riccardo Cefala and Xiwen Cheng will walk you through the inspiring journey that started five years ago and is still ongoing.

Starting from an overview of the current Cloud technology landscape, we will see from a user perspective how the Mendix Cloud has evolved to offer advanced capabilities while keeping its unique one-click deployment and unmatched ease of use.

The Mendix Cloud is constantly evolving at an exciting pace: from the migration to Amazon Web Services to the adoption of Cloud Foundry as a PaaS standard, we will see how the Mendix Cloud has improved in areas such as Speed, Resilience, Scalability, Portability and more.

Riccardo Cefala

DevOps Engineer, Mendix

As DevOps Engineer at Mendix, Riccardo Cefala works on the management and automatization of the Mendix global cloud infrastructure. He joined the outstanding Mendix DevOps team three years ago. Together, they develop tools and solutions to ease and scale the deployment and administration of Mendix cloud services to meet the requirements of a fast-growing user base.

Xiwen Cheng

Cloud Infrastructure Engineer, Mendix

Distributed systems is one of the many computer science fields that fascinates Xiwen Cheng. Being part of the Cloud Systems team, he is responsible for designing, building, maintaining, operating and innovating the Mendix Cloud deployment platform. He joined the team in the early days of Mendix Cloud four years ago.

What does it mean to become a Mendix partner?

Michel VermeerDigital Transformation

Mendix invests in consultants, application developers and system integrators who combine industry expertise and specialized skills with our modern approach to application development. Together, we help organizations deliver on their digital innovation goals. During this session, we will look specifically at what it means to be a Mendix Partner. The main topics we will address include:

  • Why should you consider a partnership with Mendix?
  • What type of partnerships can I start with Mendix?
  • An explanation of the technical and commercial support of (new) Partners
  • Mendix’s partner program explained

As you will notice at the event, there is a lot of exiting stuff happening around Mendix and we’re always looking for companies with the right DNA and attitude to partner with us and fast track the digital innovation of our customers. The entire partner team will be present so you can plan a follow up right after the session.

Michel Vermeer

Director Channel Sales EMEA, Mendix

Michel Vermeer has been with Mendix for over nine years. He started as a Mendix business engineer and was responsible for the Expert Services team for a number of years. Prior to joining Mendix, he studied Archeology at the University of Leiden. In his current role as director Channel Sales he leads a team of five and is responsible for finding, enabling and growing partnerships with companies that drive digital innovation using the Mendix Platform.

IoT-Enabled Apps: How to Start, Structure and Scale with New Hybrid Cloud Technology

Joris Geertman, Herman KnevelStrategic TrendsVideoPresentation

Join Herman Knevel, Director Strategic Development ISS, on their results to improve services experience with Internet of Things and Big Data. Several uses cases illustrate this smart services concept and can inspire your business.

KPN is technology partner of ISS. Joris Geertman, director Innovation KPN Consulting, will discuss strategic trends like the convergence of IoT, Data and Applications and how to start, structure and scale this new technology.

Joris Geertman

Director Portfolio & Innovation, KPN Consulting

As Business Director at KPN Consulting, Joris Geertman is responsible for the company’s Portfolio, Innovation, Marketing and Strategic Partnerships. One of his key focus areas is to make sure that customers' needs drive the innovation of KPN’s services portfolio. He is a big believer in having a dialogue with customers about the potential business value of new ICT developments.

Herman Knevel

Director Strategic Development, ISS Integrated Facility Services

As Director Strategic Development for ISS Integrated Facility Services, Herman Knevel is responsible for strategic development of key accounts and alignment with ISS strategy. His focus is on creating joint value for ISS and its clients, connecting people and organizations and driving the ISS innovation ecosystem.

Best Practices for Managing Your Mode 2 Innovation Portfolio

Joost FrijdalDigital TransformationVideoPresentation

According to Gartner, the second biggest barrier to CIO success is funding/budgets. To overcome this challenge, IT leaders must stop applying traditional portfolio management principles to their Mode 2 innovation initiatives.

Attend this session for insight into managing your application portfolio across the Start, Structure and Scale phases of the Mendix Digital Transformation Roadmap. From identifying your first “wow” app to breaking the demand-supply paradigm and powering continuous innovation bottom up, you’ll learn how to properly align funding and portfolio management with digital innovation. Along the way, you’ll see real-world examples of organizations applying these concepts with great success.

Joost Frijdal

Director CSM, EMEA, Mendix

Joost Frijdal has over 17 years’ experience at the intersection of business and IT in various roles in the CRM space ranging from account management to business and pre-sales consultancy, introducing new innovative technologies improving the customer experience such as web-based CRM, Virtual Chat, Chatbots, Virtual Assistants and Natural Language Search.

Prior to joining Mendix, Joost was responsible for Business Innovation Management and Project Management at CED, a leading European claims specialist, where he drove the strategic alignment and prioritization of opportunities and projects with CED Management, experiencing the impact of digital transformation firsthand.

As Director CSM, EMEA at Mendix, Joost leads a team of Customer and Partner Success Managers that support the adoption of the Mendix Platform at our customers. Joost is also a member of the Mendix Digital Transformation Practice.

The Loop-de-Loop: Using the Platform Portal to Get the Most out of Agile

Kevin VlaanderenPlatformPresentation

Rapid, iterative development is essential to transforming new ideas into innovative applications. That’s why agile processes are a key component of the Mendix Digital Transformation roadmap. But to make agile work, you need to make sure that you have the right feedback loops in place, supported by proper tools and practices.

In this session, we'll explain what the most important feedback loops are, and how the platform portal can help you get the most out of these loops at each phase of your maturity. We go from delivering your first project, to using our mobile app for gathering feedback, to implementing structured processes to leveraging platform APIs to integrate with best-of-breed tools.

You’ll leave armed with plenty of tips and tricks for prioritizing and governing your requirements and user feedback; planning sprints; and evolving your development, project management, and product management approach.

Kevin Vlaanderen

Product Developer, Platform Portal Team, Mendix

Kevin Vlaanderen's career started out in academy, where he did a Master’s in Business Informatics, followed by a PhD on the topics of Process Improvement and Product Management. During this time, he organized a successful product management course, and he was co-organizer of the yearly ProductCamp event. After obtaining his degree, he determined that the scientific path was not his future, and he stepped out of the ivory tower, into the mud.

Joining Mendix a year and a half ago, Kevin now spends his time making sure that the Mendix platform is developed into the best it can be. Focusing on design and development of the Mendix Platform Portal, his daily resolve is to make sure that Mendix development is a great experience, during every phase of the app lifecycle.

In his spare time, Kevin is an avid reader of prose, and a volunteer at several poetry and literature events. His travels have led him to all six inhabited continents.

Turn Data into Insight with Mendix OData Support

Gaurav SanchetiPlatformVideoPresentation

90 percent of the world’s data has been created in the last two years alone. Yet, all this data doesn’t actually deliver value unless properly applied. Data must be easily accessible by applications and the people who use them—which is the goal of the Open Data Protocol, commonly referred to as OData.

Through OData support, Mendix offers a fast, simple way to get more value out of the data in your applications. Within one minute, you can get your Mendix application data into a large number of third-party tools, including Microsoft Excel, Tableau and more, to perform additional analysis and reporting.

In this session, we will show how easy it is to get more value out of the data in your Mendix applications with just a few clicks. We will share some tips and tricks for performing data analysis on small data sets with the help of some interesting use cases to illustrate how these capabilities can be valuable to you!

Gaurav Sancheti

Quality Assurance Analyst, Mendix

Gaurav Sancheti is a Quality Assurance Analyst at Mendix, a company helping enterprises across the globe to achieve their digital goals. As a Test Coordinator, he is responsible for the implementation of long-term quality strategies to assess whether or not products/services are of the required quality. Gaurav has a B.Tech. with honors in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Rajasthan Technical University, India (2010).

Smart Meter Roll-out Calls for a Smart Business Model!

Martin WanschersStrategic TrendsVideo

Join Martin Wanschers, Business Change Manager, BAM Infra Connect, for a business story concerning the redesign of the smart meter roll-out process to enhance the process efficiency. See how they’ve switched from chasing low-hanging fruit to continuous improvement applying state-of-the-art technology.

Martin Wanschers

Business Change Manager, BAM Infra Connect

Martin Wanschers, Business Change Manager, is responsible for the integral change calendar 2017-2020 at BAM Infra Connect. BAM Infra Connect is part of BAM Infra Nederland, and combines activities for the Telecom, Energy & Water and Rail sectors.

The change calendar has the objective to improve the overall business process performance. This implicates that each change includes all aspects of the business model, not just the focus on a single part of a process. The urgency for change is rapidly increasing, due to changing markets and shifting customer demands. This represents a continuous challenge, where focusing on changes that have the most positive impact on business efficiency in combination with achieving expected benefits is key to success. From a different perspective - make explicit choices about which improvements will not be started.

Exploring the Business Value of IoT with First Consulting and AntTail

Paul ten Haaf, Armijn Spreitzer, Mark RoemersCustomer SuccessVideo

While organizations see enormous opportunities for the Internet of Things (IoT), an increasing number of companies have been starting to explore the endless possibilities of Internet of Things for improving their business. Join First Consulting for a look on how to improve operational performance with IoT. Discover recent developments in IoT and how they’re impacting business operations and leading to the creation of new business models. In addition, you’ll see how the Mendix platform can help bridge the gap between IoT technology and business applications, and how First Consulting is helping organizations innovate and implement new IoT-enabled services.

In the second half of this session, Mark Roemers, co-founder of AntTail, will share how companies can shift from the Internet-of-Things to the Internet-of-Experiences. AntTail is a pharmaceutical service company that uses sensors as a way to ensure the best possible delivery of medication. See how AntTail embeds important sensor data into its customers’ process, across multiple channels, to get the right information to the right people so they can make smart decisions.

Paul ten Haaf

Practice Lead Business Technology, First Consulting

Paul ten Haaf is one of the co-founders of First Consulting. He is responsible for the company’s business technology practice, which helps clients make their IT delivery faster and more flexible in order to create additional added value to their business counterparts.

Paul studied Business Administration in Rotterdam. He worked the first four years of his career as a web- and SAP consultant. He also worked in utilities for 10 years and mainly worked on process improvement projects in customer care and asset management. Those projects all had a large IT component.

Paul gets energy from coming up with creative solutions together with his customers and talented First Consultants. And not only thinking of, but also implementing, those solutions like internet portals, interactive dashboards and workflow apps.

Mark Roemers

Co-Founder, AntTail

Mark Roemers is co-founder of AntTail, which designs, develops and delivers products and services to monitor and track the origin and temperature of medicines throughout the cold chain. AntTail’s SaaS-based solutions help to ensure product quality and prevent counterfeiting. Pharmaceutical, transportation and logistics service providers, healthcare providers and retail outlets can follow shipments and deliveries, checking temperature every step of the way. AntTail works within existing cold chain quality procedures, eliminating the need for complex implementation and capital investments.

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