Mobile Application Platforms Examined

Build and deploy sophisticated mobile apps with Mendix’s mobile application platform. Our mobile application platform is six times faster than traditional development technologies and ensures the delivery of fully integrated, multi-channel/multi-device enterprise apps.

Why Utilize a Mobile Application Platform?

A recent survey from DZone revealed that the biggest mobile application development pain points are centered around multi-platform development and testing. In fact, building native apps for multiple platforms, testing efficiently, and a lack of skilled mobile developers were mentioned as the main obstacles, by 50%, 53%, and 40% of respondents respectively.

With greater need to deliver multi-device mobile applications, it’s no surprise to see teams moving to mobile application platforms, also known as mobile application development platforms. These platforms enable developers to rapidly build hybrid mobile apps, which are becoming the new norm as they offer near-native user experiences across devices and can be delivered within a fraction of the time required for native apps.

The mobile enterprise application platform abstracts away from technical details, allowing less technical developers to quickly compose mobile apps through visual modeling and dragging and dropping components, including those that tie into native functions, like camera, geolocation and contacts.

Build once and deploy anywhere, without the cost and complexity of supporting multiple platforms and devices. Learn more about Mendix’s mobile application platform.

Mendix's Mobile Application Platform

Mendix’s mobile application platform enables the rapid delivery of multi-channel web and mobile applications that are part of integrated processes and larger applications. In addition to our highly efficient visual development tools, Mendix’s platform provides a number of pre-built widgets, utilizing Adobe PhoneGap, to access native device functions.

Generate appealing hybrid apps that immediately work across devices and can be easily published to all major app stores. With our mobile application platform, you can:

  • Quickly compose responsive mobile apps by dragging and dropping reusable UI components and native device widgets.
  • Build apps that work seamlessly across mobile platforms and devices without having to maintain separate sets of code or workflows.
  • Deliver true multi-channel apps that are fully integrated with back-end applications and processes.
  • Ensure a streamlined end-to-end mobile app development flow, including design, development, testing, deployment, and iteration.

Build hybrid mobile apps that work across devices with Mendix. Learn more about our mobile app platform.