Entertainment Industry Uses Game-Changing Low-Code Technology from Mendix

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Entertainment Industry Uses Game-Changing Low-Code Technology from Mendix

Mendix Moves Center Stage; Low-Code Ups Bottom Line for WRSTBND

BOSTON – August 20, 2019Mendix, a Siemens business and the global leader in low-code and no-code application development for the enterprise, today announced that Solomon Group, has officially launched a new company based on large-scale event technology using the Mendix platform. The new company, WRSTBND, is dedicated to providing reliable and custom software solutions, including ticketing, cashless, and other attendee and management operations, for live sport and entertainment events.

“The solutions we developed using the Mendix platform are rapidly gaining adoption and momentum, so it made sense to spin out WRSTBND as its own company to properly manage and scale the product with market demand,” said Conway Solomon, partner and CEO of WRSTBND. “The entertainment industry and our clients are both always moving very quickly, which was becoming a barrier for us due to the inflexibility of existing solutions. Mendix continues to provide the opportunity to remove the technical shackles that slow down innovation, without sacrificing creativity and functionality, so that we can keep exploring new ways to drive increased efficiencies and additional revenues for our clients.”

In working with Mendix over time, it was clear to Solomon Group executives that there was a larger business opportunity to scale their technology offerings separate from event production. WRSTBND launched in early 2019 with Mendix’s low-code platform as its core application development technology.

WRSTBND produces bespoke technology for clients to carry out a variety of software solutions ranging from ticketing management, access control, cashless transactions, credentialing, and overall event management. They continue to innovate offerings for client events, like the College Football Playoff National Championship, Austin City Limits, Tales of the Cocktail, and the New Orleans Wine & Food Experience, that leverage RFID technology to improve efficiencies and increase ROI.

WRSTBND to date has provided technology solutions for 11 large-scale events and has improved the overall customer experience through approximately 500,000 touchpoints, including ticketing and wristband credentialing processes and custom mobile applications. WRSTBND is currently building 12 new applications for events this year, and is on track to double the number of client applications deployed in 2020.

“Without the speed, flexibility, and customization of Mendix, we never could have successfully deployed any of these projects at Solomon Group or have launched WRSTBND,” said Jonathan Foucheaux, partner and CTO of WRSTBND. “Each client we work with, each event produced has such unique situations and scenarios that we have to have a solution for the variability. This is where Mendix shines and has been instrumental in our success.”

Building on Success: Solomon Group Leverages Low-Code to Develop New Revenue Opportunities

Solomon Group is often tapped by concert and event organizers to create bespoke solutions that will help with attendee management. The 250-person company provides various design, management and technical solutions to large-scale events, some with more than 100,000 attendees, including NCAA Final Four and Lollapalooza. It has historically been limited to low-tech methods to keep track of event attendance, such as checklists, turnstiles, and clicker counters. These methods have become bottlenecks, hindering ticket sales, and ultimately negatively impacting an event’s success potential.

Company executives recognized the opportunity to develop their own applications to address the issues that older attendance counters caused and turned to Mendix as a strategic resource to help with the process. As a result, employees within Solomon Group, not a dedicated development team, have produced over a dozen custom applications that addressed specific attendance counting and tracking needs for client events.

For one event in particular, ESSENCE Festival, Solomon Group coupled sensor-enabled turnstiles with a customer-facing application that optimized attendance and ensured fire code compliance with local authorities. This allowed the event owner to allow more than 15,000 additional people into the event. On another project, this intelligence and technology enabled the event producer to sell an additional 2,000 tickets, which resulted in a $700,000 increase in single-event ticket sales — an ROI previously unattainable.

“We see transformations like this over and over again among our customers,” said Indira Deonandan, customer success manager at Mendix. “Low-code technology has become a cornerstone of innovation because it’s enabling businesses to think differently about how they staff, how they differentiate and compete, and how they use technology to drive tangible value. We’re thrilled to work with Solomon Group and provide them with the ability to expand their success and create an entirely new business opportunity with WRSTBND.”

For more information about how Mendix can help transform your business, please visit www.mendix.com.

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WRSTBND is a great example of the endless possibilities of low-code and how The Solomon Group successfully leveraged Mendix’s low-code platform to launch a new company based on large-scale event technology.

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