Fashion Powerhouse Uses Mendix Low-Code Platform to Digitalize and Streamline Marketing, HR, and Customer Activities Across Europe

  • Mendix application provides transparency in marketing budgets and enables strategic planning of marketing activities in a visually appealing way
  • New customer-facing chargeback app streamlines refund process and contributes to improved customer satisfaction
  • Integration with SAP provides maximum flexibility to core systems

BOSTON – June 22, 2022 – Mendix, a Siemens business and global leader in modern enterprise application development, announced that PVH Europe, home to the global headquarters of Tommy Hilfiger and European offices of Calvin Klein, has selected the Mendix low-code platform. The organization leveraged the platform to create an innovative suite of applications to more efficiently manage and track marketing budgets, chargeback, on- and off-board temporary and external employees, manage project calendars and streamline customer service.

To support PVH Europe in more effectively managing and tracking marketing budgets, Mendix partner MxBlue developed an application to make budgets more transparent and provide clear spending insights to optimize planning in a visually appealing way. The Global Unified Budget Information (GUBI) app, which took five months to build, provides better, more timely information, which is crucial for efficiency and accountability.

Another solution created with Mendix is the Recertification Third Party Accounts (RTPA)) app which allows HR to work more closely with freelancers and contractors. The on- and off-boarding process is streamlined in the app, creating more engagement with external workers and also allowing accounts and certificates to be renewed using the app.

Integrates with SAP system of record
The PVH Europe team also developed the Chargeback app, which was built in just four months. It manages chargebacks to wholesale partners and streamlines end-of-season returns and markdowns automatically, improving customer satisfaction. To streamline processes, PVH Europe integrated the new solutions with SAP system of record, such as the Sample Sale app, an internal app to streamline invitations, registration, and crowd control for sample sales which integrates SAP with the Mendix platform.

All apps were built by Mendix partner MxBlue in close cooperation with PVH Europe. Leveraging the experience with the Mendix platform, the PVH Europe development team was able to build and launch two additional apps. Within six weeks they launched Prop Shop, an internal webshop for stores to order in-store promotional materials. The second app is called cBase, a customer information dashboard that supports the sales teams to prepare for customer visits.

The suite of new applications improved data accuracy and decreased the manual workload of checking and correcting data, improving efficiency. The Mendix building blocks allow customers to build new apps quickly, so they can experiment and define new standards for their business.

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