Health Insurer Zilveren Kruis Boosts Efficiency and Reduces Operational Costs Via New Portals Built with the Mendix Low-Code Platform

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Health Insurer Zilveren Kruis Boosts Efficiency and Reduces Operational Costs Via New Portals Built with the Mendix Low-Code Platform

  • New portals improve efficiency of fundamental business processes at Zilveren Kruis, one of the largest health insurance providers in the Netherlands
  •  Application time-to-value accelerated 5x
  • New contract portal handles contracts representing billions of euros
  • Mendix low-code platform used to replace legacy systems and digitalize manual processes, resulting in increased efficiency and enhanced customer experience

BOSTON – January 28, 2021 Mendix, a Siemens business and the global leader in enterprise low-code today announced that Zilveren Kruis, part of the Achmea group and one of the largest health insurance providers in the Netherlands serving nearly five million customers, is using the Mendix low-code platform to execute on its four strategic goals: process improvement, risk reduction, improved insights, and cost reduction.

Following its early success using Mendix for several business-critical applications, Zilveren Kruis decided to further invest in its Mendix low-code platform competency to build solutions to optimize fundamental processes such as health procurement, commerce, operations, and customer services. In just three years since it adopted Mendix, Zilveren Kruis has built and delivered an impressive number of business applications that help the company save on operational costs.

According to Hans Voorthuijzen, manager information management at Zilveren Kruis: “With our team of just four dedicated business engineers, we are now able to add value up to five times faster, and we are serving nearly 1,000 internal employees and 1,000 external partners.”

One prominent software application developed with low-code is a new contract monitoring portal named BOEK. Voorthuijzen says: “We have contracts with healthcare providers representing billions of euros. We previously managed these contracts with a legacy system based on Microsoft Office applications such as Access and Excel.

“BOEK has solved several challenges. The portal is optimized for contract management and monitoring, so traceability is improved and administration risks are reduced by adding input checks and approval flows. This results in greater efficiency and improved quality. Zilveren Kruis and our network of health providers can now work with one true, continuously updated version of the data.”

Working with Mendix has enabled Zilveren Kruis to deploy innovative software solutions much more quickly. A good example is Zorg Gezond Rendement (ZGR), a new portal used by the health advisory service. Via the ZGR portal, health product questionnaires are easily distributed in digital form to business customers and the responses collected. Previously, this task was performed manually and in an ad hoc manner. “With the new Mendix-built portal, we’re now able to automatically distribute health product questionnaires to our business customers and trace the responses. For our 20 advisors, this results in less manual work and greater efficiency. They can now work much faster and handle more business customers,” Voorthuijzen continues.

Rob Versluis, customer success manager at Mendix, says: “Naturally from every euro premium Zilveren Kruis collects, they want to spend as much as possible on the healthcare costs of their customers. So cost reduction is a key value driver. By leveraging the power of the Mendix low-code platform, Zilveren Kruis is now reducing the total cost of application development. At the same time, its overall efficiency has improved. We are proud that the company was able to do this with its own developers that were supported and trained by our premium partner, Mansystems.“

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