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Mendix Accelerates Investment in Platform Ecosystem to Power Largest Low-Code Economy

Strategic initiatives target industry solutions, a new Marketplace, an ISV ecosystem and a Startup Accelerator Program to fuel growth opportunities for Mendix Makers

VIRTUAL GLOBAL EVENT – MENDIX WORLD – SEPTEMBER 2, 2020 – Mendix, a Siemens business and global leader in low-code application development for the enterprise, today introduced a set of programs designed to strengthen and grow the ecosystem that has evolved around its all-in-one low code-platform, at Mendix World. This multi-part initiative is designed to support and accelerate the creation, sharing, and monetization of low-code functionality, service components, and prepackaged digital solutions needed to empower organizations facing a massive capacity gap and concurrent demands to scale digital enablement in the post-pandemic global economy.

The initial elements of the initiative comprise three targeted project areas: Industry Solutions, to deliver customizable templated applications for specific industry verticals; the Mendix Marketplace Vendor Program, offering independent software developers monetization opportunities; and a Startup Accelerator Program designed to catalyze new software-centric startups.

Each focus area is designed to support the low-code community, grow solutions, and foster the flow of value for channel partners, software vendors, participants, and end users across the Mendix ecosystem. Further, Mendix Marketplace, launching in early 2021, will be an online destination for discovering and merchandising reusable, purpose-built apps, components, and resources.

A pioneering journey for democratization

Mendix is recognized for leading the charge to democratize access to innovation by leveraging the principles of abstraction and automation in low-code software development for large enterprises. As Mendix evolves to an “all-in-one” low-code platform, the next phase of its pioneering journey will focus not only on democratizing adjacent domains, but also on growing the world’s largest enterprise low-code ecosystem.

“The need to deploy next-generation capabilities in the market is too great for organizations to build every digital solution from scratch,” says Derek Roos, CEO of Mendix. “We are doubling down on our investment in support of makers, partners, and software vendors to create reusable, out-of-the box functionality to dramatically scale up time to value. Organizations can achieve new levels of agility by assembling digital components from within the Mendix ecosystem into solutions.”

Accelerating Customer Success with Pre-Packaged Industry Solutions

Industry Solutions is a new unit within Mendix chartered with developing and sourcing Mendix-based solutions that address the needs of specific vertical use cases. These solutions will enable development teams to benefit from the collective knowledge of Mendix and its extensive ecosystem in solving common problems within their industry, by providing pre-packaged applications that can be easily customized by novice developers.

The first of these solutions is for Field Service and Asset Maintenance, and is designed to provide actionable insights to teams responsible for field service management. This streamlines key aspects of services operations and execution, from field service to spare part planning to plant asset maintenance. Mobile technicians are well-equipped for remote maintenance, with offline access to resources and 3D visualizations of product details. Managers have visibility to all workers, employees, contractors, and third-party sub-contractors.  And incident and issue management, as well as preventative maintenance, is all managed from the same application.

This solution comes pre-configured to connect to common data sources such as Siemens Teamcenter and SAP, and with relevant data views and processes ready out of the box. And developers can seamlessly enhance the solutions by connecting to AI/ML services to optimize for machine availability and efficiency of field teams.

Additional solutions slated for release span industries and use cases. Of particular interest to insurance companies is an adaptive customer portal that extends core systems,created with partners First Consulting and Socotra. Customers whose business are built on the development of physical products can leverage a solution featuring enhanced reporting and analytics for CAD/CAM data. For retail customers, Mendix has co-developed with partner FlowFabric a solution enabling apparel companies to customize small “one-off” product lots. And solutions for numerous additional use cases are currently under development.

Major Investments to Support Mendix Makers, ISVs, and Startups

The key areas of investment are designed to have a flywheel effect upon all stakeholders in the Mendix environment, providing value through increased momentum, greater stability, and economic benefits from sharing proven solutions to complex problems.

The Mendix AppStore is evolving and is at the heart of the new, expanded ecosystem. In the past year alone, there have been more than 500,000 downloads of 2,500+ assets. The new Mendix Marketplace adds expanded backend functionality for anyone looking to feature their solutions, including in-platform management of pricing, payment, metering, analytics, and subscription services to support partners supplying industry-specific app services and other domain-focused business capabilities.

“We are thrilled to evolve the AppStore into the Mendix Marketplace to better serve our customers and ecosystem,” says Roos. “For customers, this means access to a growing collection of best-of-breed solutions and components from which they can create software. For our channel partners and software technology partners, we’re providing everything they need to manage products and subscriptions, get usage insights, and process payments — all they need to do is build their solutions and offer it in the Marketplace.” 

The Marketplace Vendor Program provides an on-ramp to software companies who want to monetize their technology and products for the Mendix community. The program provides all the capabilities and services supporting Marketplace packaging and monetization, including metering, billing, and technical certification of their solutions. Learn more here.

The Startup Accelerator Program offers targeted support to start-up businesses within their first year who want to develop their product on Mendix and may want to offer their solution through the Mendix Marketplace. The program includes an affordable licensing structure that favors early-stage startups, along with training and assistance, to help these fledgling companies get up and running. Learn more here.

Stella E-bikes, a Dutch-based e-bike manufacturer, built its product operations on the Mendix low-code software development platform. “To launch Stella E-bikes as a unique player in the e-bike market, we used the advanced Mendix platform to customize the entire chain of operations, from in-house product development to customer home delivery,” says Niek Peters, head of IT for Stella E-bikes. “The power and flexibility of Mendix’s low-code software solutions ensures that our colleagues can do their jobs in the right way. They instantly receive the relevant information via the Mendix Sales & Delivery app, exceeding our customers’ expectations.” The Startup Program was created to support this type of innovation and growth at scale, enabling anyone with a business idea to launch it on Mendix.

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In a pandemic-disrupted world, software is the new lifeblood of our daily lives and the connective tissue holding together the global economy. However, traditional software development takes far too long and very often fails to deliver the results business needs and users love. Even prior to COVID-19 there were simply not enough professional software developers in the world to build all the software currently required. The global pandemic has accelerated and exacerbated what was already a software and business crisis. Enter low-code software development. Low-code from Mendix is a powerful enterprise-grade visual development approach empowering citizen and professional developers to make cloud-native applications more than 10X faster for web and mobile using drag-and-drop components and model-driven logic – all through an intuitive graphical user interface.

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