Become a Mendix Vendor

Sell your low-code offerings
on the Mendix Marketplace.

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Monetize on your domain expertise and tap into a wider customer base for your offerings.

What the program has to offer:

  • Extend your reach

    Sell your products to the global Mendix developer community

  • Sell the way you want

    Choose the pricing model that makes sense for your product

  • Don't sweat the details

    We’ll handle the back office billing processes

Introducing the Mendix Vendor Program

With over 175,000 developers, the Mendix Marketplace is at the heart of the Mendix developer community. By providing everything from simple widgets to templatized solutions, the Mendix Marketplace arms developers with resources they need to build innovative solutions.

Whether you’re an established ISV, an ambitious start-up, or a pioneering independent developer, the Mendix Vendor Program empowers you to monetize on your domain expertise to create value for developers by selling software solutions via the Mendix Marketplace.

Mendix will take care of administrative processes – billing, metering, and usage metrics – for you. You can monetize your solutions efficiently and spend more time on optimizing your business and conquering new challenges.

Be a Part of Something Big

Apply to the Mendix Vendor Program now

A robust ecosystem is crucial to fostering the flow of value to Mendix Makers; Mendix Vendors are at the core of that ecosystem. We want you to be a part of the Mendix Marketplace. Help other makers see what’s possible.

As a Mendix Vendor, you’ll be able to:

– sell your offerings to the global Mendix developer community
– choose the pricing model that makes sense for your product
– enjoy automated administrative processes (billing, metering, and usage metrics)

Mendix Vendor Opportunities

I would like to provide...

  • Solutions

    Become a Mendix Solutions Vendor

    If you want to develop, market, and sell your software solution, you are a Mendix Solutions Vendor (MSV), also known as an Independent Software Vendor (ISV). You are a MSV if you have the entrepreneurial spirit and meet the following criteria:

    • A monetizable idea that solves a business problem
    • Have the ability to develop a repeatable software solution
    • Have the ability to market, sell, and support a software solution
    Learn more about Solutions
  • Packaged business capabilities

    Become a Mendix App Service Vendor

    App services are domain-focused packaged business capabilities delivered as a collection of composable Mendix native UI components and APIs. By becoming an App Service Vendor, you can enable developers to imagine new apps, extend the capability of existing apps, and significantly decrease time-to-value.

    Learn more about App services