Mendix Quarterly ISV Update: New Partnerships with Wholesale Consulting Group, Digital Technologies Group, BPAAS Solutions, Vectra Automation, CLEVR & ensogo

BOSTON (USA) – May 14, 2024 — Mendix, a Siemens business, today released the quarterly 2024 update for its ISV Partner Program. The program enables organisations, including startups and established software vendors, to leverage low-code development, accelerating time-to-revenue for their business and time-to-value for their customers.

The program continues to enable tailored solutions for various industries and use cases, including Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), cybersecurity, digital transformation, supply chain management, engineering and sustainability.


1. Leveraging low-code to become the ultimate digital wholesaler with WCG 

Location: Netherlands

Sector: Wholesale

Wholesale Consulting Group, (WCG) has pioneered the concept of ‘digital wholesaler’, focusing on using technology to make wholesaling easier and more streamlined. Currently, WCG is using Mendix’s low-code to create customised user interface solutions for its clients. With the aim to help improve client digital operations and sales processes, WCG has created several applications:

  • Control Tower – provides insights into digital connections performance metrics and automates sales order processes
  • Order Queue – displays queue orders for warehouse employees, allowing for efficient order processing 
  • Service Management – offers a detailed service history for information based on product serial numbers, ensuring timely maintenance planning
  • Product Configuration – a digital guide to selecting compatible products, increasing sales efficiency

By providing their customers with these tailored applications in addition to using ERP systems and business intelligence tools, WCG aims to create a wholesale platform with practical applications to address wholesale business challenges. 


2. Digital Technology Group redefines cybersecurity with low-code 

Location: UK

Sector: manufacturing and supply chain

Digital Technology Group (DTG) is a digital transformation company that supports manufacturing organisations across life sciences in automating and digitalising their processes. In response to client needs, DTG developed a cybersecurity solution designed to manage the specific risks around operational technology (OT) within the manufacturing environment. 

Before joining the ISV program, DTG’s solution was built on traditional web application architecture, which did not provide the flexibility or development pace to meet the evolving needs of its clients. However, in partnership with Mendix, DTG has re-engineered their existing solution onto the Mendix platform, providing businesses with a powerful application for assessing and managing industrial cyber risk across the enterprise. With the power of low-code, DTG has full control of its solution and is able to extend and adapt it to customer needs quickly.


3. Simplifying Vendor Management with Low-code

Location: India

Sector: Procurement and vendor management

BPAAS Solutions, a startup technology company specialising in business process as a service (BPaaS), is building on Mendix two solutions: Vendora and NFA (Note for Approval), aiming to reduce delivery timelines with faster realisation of business benefits.

Vendora simplifies vendor management by offering features such as onboarding, government API integration, statutory document storage, vendor management, online PO issuance, invoice uploading, PO flip, vendor query handling against invoices, and payment tracking. The system can be integrated with ERPs like SAP, Oracle, MS Dynamics, and other third-party applications.

NFA streamlines and automates procurement approval processes within the organisation by helping keep track of all approvals and related notes/documents in a single system that can be integrated with ERPs such as SAP, Oracle, MS Dynamics, and other third-party applications. NFA comes with multiple initiation channels where users and requesters can initiate the approvals and keep track of how approvals are moving internally and how many of them are still pending.


4. Making engineering design simpler and more efficient with Vectra 

Location: USA

Sector: Engineering design

Vectra’s AI platform automates the generation of engineering/MBD/3D Annotation from 3D CAD models by plugging into various CAD platforms. Focused on the manufacturing and construction sectors, their groundbreaking RPA reduces the lag between engineering design and manufacturing by 4-12 weeks. The platform also automates the detection of dimensional errors in 3D CAD models, eliminating potential build errors upfront. 

As part of the ISV program, Vectra is using Mendix to host its rules engines independently of the main code base and rebuild both existing and new rules using Mendix. This enables a vastly more maintainable architecture. 


5. Transforming the fashion and retail Industry with low-code with CLEVR 

Location: The Netherlands 

Sector: Digital Transformation

CLEVR, a digital transformation company, has recently partnered with PREMIUM INC., a leading Dutch athleisure-wear brand, to leverage Mendix’s Digital Lifecycle Management (DLM) for Fashion & Retail solutions. 

This collaboration aims to support PREMIUM INC.’s expansion efforts through the replacement of outdated processes with an efficient and sustainable platform. The Mendix DLM solution not only facilitates seamless collaboration, but also offers flexibility and quick value delivery across the platform. 

With this implementation, PREMIUM INC. now has an agile solution tailored to their specific business processes, built to scale, and encourages continuous product and process innovation, ensuring that CLEVR can respond rapidly to PREMIUM INC’s evolving needs. This collaboration marks a significant step towards both companies’ commitment to sustained growth and innovation.


6. Making Sustainability Management Easy with ensogo 

Location: Canada

Sector: Sustainability

Ensogo, a sustainability platform, partners with Mendix to help customers design and manage their sustainability program. ensogo’s AI-powered platform helps companies execute sustainability strategies effectively while boosting stakeholder engagement and ensuring accountability through measurable metrics. 

Using low-code allows ensogo’s software to facilitate robust Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) data collection and management across multiple countries, enhancing the firm’s ability to track and report on sustainability goals with ease. This collaboration underscores both organisations’ commitment to sustainability and their role in leveraging technology to promote sustainable practices globally.

Mendix’s ISV program will also be spotlighted at Realize LIVE Americas 2024 during the panel discussion titled ‘Unlock Efficiency and Mitigate Risk Across the Value Chain with Mendix‘, where partners Compliance Group, PROLIM, and Syncron will discuss the benefits of manufacturers embracing low-code software solutions to enhance their core systems. Ensogo will also join the Mendix ISV team on the Pitch Studio stage at Viva Technology in Paris on May 22nd.

The Mendix Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Partner Program provides the tools, Intellectual Property (IP) protection, and marketplace to enable its partners to build and monetise commercial software atop the Mendix platform. Mendix Marketplace includes connectors, feature modules, vertical industry templates, app services, widgets, other components and packaged business capabilities that accelerate application development.

“We’re thrilled to see the ongoing success of our ISV Partner Program, with organisations across the globe using the power of low-code to create customisable and personalised solutions for a vast range of industries. It’s inspiring to see how low-code gives our partners a competitive advantage that drives real value for customers,” adds Jethro Borsje, Chief Ecosystems Officer at Mendix

The ISV program currently consists of 107 partners worldwide, spanning several regions such as The Americas, Europe, the Middle East, South Africa, and Asia. Learn more about the Mendix ISV Partner Program.

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