Over the last 16 years, Mendix has provided customers the top-rated low-code platform in the industry. The Mendix Platform has enabled organizations to leverage the power of low-code in order to transform their businesses and help them meet their strategic objectives. A key player in this transformation is the Mendix partner ecosystem which has been developing high-value applications for our key clients in HR, insurance, logistics, supply chain, and many other industries for many years.

Leveraging these solutions and the expertise of our partners in order to help grow the value of Mendix is a key goal for our company–and continues to be. With this in mind, we launched the Mendix (Independent Software Vendor) ISV Partner Program in September of 2020. It is designed to empower partners to expand their businesses and monetize their domain expertise. The program has received a terrific response, with applications coming from existing Mendix partners as well as partners new to Mendix attracted by the power of the platform and the mutually beneficial terms of the ISV program.

As part of this program, we are excited to announce our ISV Partner Blog series. This will provide a platform for our ISV partners to share their thought leadership, journey in the ISV program, and technical expertise that will help our existing and future partners. Occasionally, this series may feature updates from the ISV Partner Program team or pertinent announcements from Mendix.

Let’s rehash the purpose of the ISV Partner Program, which has received enthusiastic responses from across the globe.

Mendix ISV Program

The Mendix ISV Program provides an ideal set of benefits to enable established companies, existing Mendix partners, and startups to successfully develop, bring to market, sell, and deploy software solutions built on Mendix’s leading low-code development platform. It is designed to provide simple terms, low initial investment, valuable enablement, and a win-win business model that benefits the partner as well as Mendix.

In just six months after the program’s launch, we received over 60 applications, recently welcomed our first eight go-to-market partners, and recorded our first customer sale through our program! Geographically, applications are coming from all over, including Russia, South Africa, Japan, and Guatemala.

It’s full steam ahead for our ISV Partner Program team to get our new partners onboarded as soon as possible.

What is the ISV partner journey?

As you can see in the diagram above, the program is pretty straightforward. With a few simple steps, you can easily become an ISV partner:

  1. Prepare: Generate an idea that solves a business problem
  2. Develop: Transform that idea into a solution by building on Mendix
  3. Sell & Support: Sell and support the solution

Please check out our FAQs if you’d like to learn more about the program.

What’s next?

Our ISV partners will play a crucial role in the next growth stage of Mendix, and we look forward to working with them to extend our platform in innovative and fresh ways and break into new domains and industries. Our partners have plenty of innovative ideas and high-value solutions to offer their respective industries and we’re super excited to offer them the right support framework. This way, our partners can focus solely on refining, expanding, and selling their solutions with many back-office administrative tasks taken care of by us.

That’s all for our introductory post. Watch this space for lots of interesting stories from our partners on their ISV journey, ranging from their experience in disrupting their respective industries with the Mendix platform to thought leadership pieces.

Interested in starting your own ISV journey? Go ahead and sign for the program. If you have any questions, feel free to reach us at [email protected].