Mendix releases 10.12 to deliver on continuous innovation vision with secure AI-assisted application development

Welcome Maia, the new AI-powered coding ally

Boston (USA) – 27 June 2024 – Mendix, a Siemens business, today announced the general availability of Mendix 10.12

The latest platform release includes: 

  • upgraded next-generation AI-assisted development
  • experience enhancements for developers in Studio Pro
  • improved governance, security, and control within the platform and for customer applications

Mendix continues to define the low-code development landscape, integrating AI capabilities and enhanced user experience tools to enable rapid experimentation and streamlining of application development lifecycles. 

The latest upgrade, Mendix 10.12, enables organisations to drive their operations forward by building smarter applications faster, with new and enhanced features across three major areas:

  1. Intelligent and Innovative Digital Experiences
  2. Accelerated AI-Powered Application Development
  3. Enhanced Control and Visibility

These updates demonstrate the company’s commitment to delivering its vision of continuous innovation – making artificial intelligence accessible for organisations and providing tools that improve development experience, productivity, and visibility.   


Focus area 1: Intelligent and Innovative Digital Experiences

Transform business with new generative AI capabilities 

Delivering engaging user experiences and advanced applications has become easier for organisations with the launch of new and improved generative AI capabilities in Mendix 10.12.

Mendix Conversational UI provides reusable components to easily implement an AI chatbot in Mendix applications – whether it is a standalone chatbot or a conversational experience integrated into an application. Both Amazon Bedrock and OpenAI connectors are now compatible with the Conversational UI, so developers can produce informative, original content quickly and present it to the end user with enhanced UI/UX capabilities.

Mendix 10.12 also enables customers to use AI to generate specific relevant content grounded in their own data with the new Retrieval Augmented Generation feature.

Additionally, the AI Bot Starter App helps organisations kickstart their own private chatbot and virtual assistant solution, compatible with Microsoft Azure, OpenAl, and Amazon Bedrock, in just minutes.

Whether developing for native mobile, progressive web apps, business process automation, or responsive web applications, additional features in Mendix 10.12 make it possible to deliver engaging, intelligent, and innovative applications faster. 

Focus area 2: Accelerated AI-Powered Application Development

Boost productivity and experience for developers

Updates in Mendix 10.12 are designed to improve developer productivity, simplify development, and accelerate project timelines. Making this possible is the introduction of Maia (Mendix AI Assistance) – the new generative AI-powered assistant designed to provide guidance, assistance, and generation for Mendix developers. Features include: 

  • Elevated AI-powered guidance with the integration of Mendix Chat into Maia, providing immediate, detailed answers to Mendix users’ questions based on sources such as documentation, forums and academy learning paths. 
  • New and improved recommenders (previously ‘bots’) in Maia provide developers with real-time assistance. New for 10.12 is the Workflow Recommender, suggesting possible user tasks and workflow elements like timer events, decisions, splits, and more to speed up workflow development. Updates to the Logic Recommender and Best Practices Recommender improve the accuracy of logic recommendations and best practices.
  • New generational capabilities include an AI-powered Translation Generator in 10.12 and a Domain Model Generator set to arrive in 10.13.

Focus area 3: Enhanced Control and Visibility

Simplified management, governance, and deployment of enterprise applications and projects

Mendix 10.12 enables centralised control with enhanced governance and security features to ensure that the right individuals have the right access to both low-code applications developed with Mendix and to Mendix platform services. New updates focus on DevSecOps to help developers ensure quality and compliance with automated testing and streamlined audits.

Mendix 10.12 provides a secure, efficient, and compliant development ecosystem – so innovation doesn’t compromise security. Additional features include:

  • Portfolio Management
  • Marketplace Curation
  • New Mendix Cloud regions
  • Advanced Audit Trail (AAT)
  • Delegating the login process to the user’s identity provider (BYO IDP)
  • Entitlements Dashboard
  • Mendix Quality and Security Management (QSM)

“These updates emphasise the need for improved developer efficiency and project acceleration in an increasingly competitive market driven by automation and AI,” shares Hans de Visser, Chief Product Officer, Mendix. “This release not only boosts developer productivity but supports expansive global reach and compliance, ensuring that developers and business technologists can create engaging, intelligent, and innovative applications with speed and ease. With no compromise to control and governance, Mendix’s powerful enterprise-grade low-code platform democratises access to enhanced AI capabilities and makes business-critical software development easier and faster.” 

“As a manufacturer, we must continually push the boundaries of our technology platforms to achieve maximum productivity and customer satisfaction. We rely on Mendix to create these efficiencies during the software development lifecycle and in our core business processes and are already unlocking greater value with generative AI-infused applications”, says Aristóteles Terceiro Neto, Industrial Transformation Manager at Vivix. “In one instance, our Virtual Engineer chatbot – powered by Mendix and Amazon Bedrock – is helping us achieve 80% faster resolution of customer complaints. These early results are exciting, and it’s great to see how the Mendix roadmap for AI is evolving to act as a key enabler in our Industry 4.0 strategy.”

    About Mendix

    Mendix, a Siemens business, is the only low-code platform designed to address the full complexity of enterprise software development challenges. Deploying point solutions to departmental problems solves things at a micro level—but if you want to make a significant impact on your business, you need to go bigger and build powerful portfolios that move the needle sustainably and strategically.

    With Mendix, enterprises can take on more complex, transformational initiatives by engaging everyone in capturing requirements, forming ideas, and embedding value assessment throughout the lifecycle of the software portfolio.

    Focus on the right problems while relying on governance and control to avoid unnecessary risk. Mobilize your organization. Build the change readiness muscle. And when the next big idea drops, turn it into an outcome quicker.

    More than 4,000 organizations in 46 countries use the Mendix low-code platform. An active community of over 300,000 developers has created over 950,000 applications – and counting.