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Mendix Spotlights Excellence with Reveal of 2021 Customer Impact Award Finalists

  • Finalists announced for awards recognizing global leaders in digital innovation for their transformative use of enterprise low-code
  • Winners to be announced at Mendix World 2021 on September 7

BOSTON – August 12, 2021 – Mendix, a Siemens business and global leader in low-code application development for the enterprise, today announced the finalists for the 2021 Customer Impact Awards. The awards recognize the achievements of Mendix customers in developing and deploying custom low-code software solutions that solve business challenges in five categories: Digital Workplace, Customer Experience, Innovation, Digital Transformation, and Market Impact.

The Customer Impact Award winners will be unveiled at Mendix World 2021, the premier global conference for business and IT leaders and “makers” focusing on low-code application development to drive digital innovation. The three-day virtual conference, beginning September 7th, is the world’s largest annual low-code event, where everyone with a role in enterprise digitalization comes to discover, network, share knowledge and learn about the tools, techniques and strategies propelling the low-code software development movement forward.

“Mendix World is an annual celebration of the low-code maker community, and part of that celebration is the Customer Impact Awards, where we recognize some of the most transformative low-code applications being assembled by Mendix customers this year,” said Derek Roos, CEO and co-founder of Mendix. “In 2020, our customers showed us some of their most inspiring work – from helping citizens access critical financial aid to ensuring safer travel for passengers during the pandemic. We want to celebrate how our customers’ businesses continue to evolve and grow with digital-first solutions and show the rest of the world how they’re making an impact with low-code. Congratulations to all the finalists for making the shortlist!”

The finalists for the Customer Impact Awards include:

Digital Workplace

  • Agristo, a family-run company headquartered in Belgium, created a custom, user-friendly quality control (QC) tool using low-code. With its Mendix app “QC Reporting,” they substantially improved their quality control management process, enabling QC master data organization in a few clicks, and managing quality control registration in a user-friendly and time-efficient way. “The main aim of the project was to shorten the time needed for configuring new products for the quality control division, together with increasing workplace happiness for all people working with the application. Work that used to take several days is now done in a few minutes — up to 50 times faster! The maintenance and support of several small programs is no longer necessary,” said Charles Bronzwaer, ICT Applications Manager at Mendix partner Bizzomate.
  • NS, a Dutch state-owned company and main passenger railways operator in the Netherlands, transports over 1.3 million passengers per day. Requiring a new, user-friendly application to replace and expand a legacy application responsible for scheduled maintenance, NS built a Mendix application, known as Gids. The new tool provides NS employees with a central platform to consult and update all relevant information and documents about planned railroad maintenance across their over 6,800km of tracks.
  • Makro Nederland, a wholesale retail organization, deployed low-code to digitalize its customer order process. The company launched the Makro Customer Ordering App within 17 stores, which is being used by 500 Makro store team members. The app has improved both insights and accuracy into the customer ordering workflow and reduced the use of paper and potential for human error, resulting in savings of more than $250,000.

Customer Experience

  • AZL, a pension administration provider serving more than 50 pension funds in the Netherlands with 1.5 million participants, developed a user-friendly and transparent pension planning portal to help participants make the best choices for their retirement in an interactive way. Referencing the way these participants were serviced before, Edward Heijkers, CIO at AZL shared, “Previously, four employees worked full time on calculating pension scenarios. With the participant portal, that’s no longer necessary. The traditional question-answer communication between an AZL employee and a pension participant is also changing as a result. The employees are more focused on being pension consultants than administration specialists.”
  • Rabobank IDB, an online savings bank, built a mobile banking app for customers in Germany and Belgium using Mendix native mobile technology. Now, 500,000 customers who have trusted Rabobank IDB with billions in savings can access their accounts via a mobile app that enables login and transaction signing using native device features like pin code or biometrics, significantly improving customer satisfaction to the tune of a 4.7 rating in the Apple App Store.
  • Agentschap Integratie en Inburgering (AGII) is an agency of the Flemish government focusing on public service interpreters and translators as an essential communication tool with non-native speakers. The AGII needed a quick, reliable and versatile app to keep Belgian residents up-to-date on COVID measures and vaccination procedures and built the Crisis Information Translated app using Mendix native technology, enabling speakers of 18 different languages to get up-to-date guidance on public health measures.


  • Cirkl, a property portal for the Dutch housing market, built a platform using low-code to help address the all-time low inventory of available properties in the residential real estate market by matching those who are selling and buying homes with others who are doing the same. With Mendix as a partner, Cirkl was able to quickly build the core of their proposition, a matching module that integrates with financial software and real estate data providers. The Cirkl team now plans to build a connection to leading CRM software to further improve their customers’ experience.
  • Collin Crowdfund, a Dutch financial service provider, connects entrepreneurs and investors on its innovative, first-to-market low-code investment platform. The Collin Crowdfund platform provides both end-to-end automated support for entrepreneurs and their funding needs, and a one-stop-shop portal for individuals to vet and invest in these opportunities. More than 99.5 percent of loans placed on the platform are fully funded, to the tune of more than €250 million.
  • Washington Federal Bank, a bank with a market cap of nearly $2.5 billion and more than 200 branches across eight US states, redefined the online banking experience with a new online banking portal built on low-cod “We put Mendix through some difficult proof-of-concept tests during the evaluation period, which it passed with flying colors,” said Dustin Hubbard, CTO at Washington Federal Bank.

Digital Transformation

  • Brighton & Hove City Council built a platform using low-code that provides a single login for local residents to view and transact all council services online. The company chose low-code for their development tools to be able to develop solutions more quickly and consistently.
  • K-Electric is the only vertically integrated power utility in Pakistan managing all three key areas of energy: generation, transmission, and distribution. It is the sole power provider to one of the most populous cities in the world, Karachi, with a customer base of around 3.3 million accounts. The company used low-code to build an application to enable communication between operational technology (OT), including SCADA systems and sensors, and information technology (IT) solutions, including reporting tools and work scheduling.
  • Medtronic, a global leader in medical technology, services and solutions, created a Product Shipment Release Authorization (PSRA) Form on the Mendix platform to automate the process of ensuring that regulatory requirements have been met before shipping medical devices to customers. With customers around the world, Medtronic has different regulatory requirements for different countries. Using low-code, Medtronic developed a platform that simplifies the regulatory compliance process by building in logic that automatically prompts required user input. This has created efficiency with their employees and increased accuracy by pulling data from the company database, which determines the documents required for certain countries, and automates workflows for notifications and approvals related to regulations.
  • VDL Nedcar, the largest automotive factory in the Netherlands with a production capacity of 240,000 vehicles a year, optimized its existing application landscape and expanded it with a diverse spectrum of new applications to support production processes, including configurations, bill of material, planning, supply chain logistics, and shop floor management.

Market Impact

  • IntelliHubSC is the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) non-foods industry solution for supply chain compliance serving companies like Procter & Gamble and Johnson & Johnson. Using low-code technology, the company built a platform which enables the FMCG industry to aggregate supply chain compliance data. Previously, FMCG companies had to either manage compliance manually, or use disparate solutions that were not integrated with each other or the company’s ERP systems, resulting in gaps of data, non-compliance, and unnecessary risk.
  • Tulpenfonds provides disability insurance for self-employed residents of the Netherlands. The company built a platform that enables residents to choose insurance to cover themselves against any financial consequences of disability.
  • WRSTBND, a full-service event technology company, uses low-code to offer a portfolio of applications that make it easy for event organizers to manage events, from point of entry to vendor sales, user upgrades, VIP experiences, and everything in between. “Mendix offered the flexible functionality we needed to meet the demands of our clients,” said WRSTBND CEO Conway Solomon.

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