Mendix Summer ’19 Release Delivers Multiple Low-Code Firsts: Single Unified Platform for Citizen and Pro Developer Collaboration; Pioneering AI-Assisted Software Development; Native Mobile

Mendix Studio and Mendix Studio Pro align citizen developers and IT professionals around a single unified low-code development platform

2nd generation of Mendix Assist now available in Mendix Studio and Mendix Studio Pro

Mendix Assist is the company’s ground-breaking AI tool that helps build low-code apps; it accelerates on-boarding of new developers, and improves software quality

Mendix Native Mobile also available; enables rapid delivery of consumer-grade, multi-channel apps and empowers developers without iOS or Android experience to deliver native mobile applications

BOSTON – JULY 17, 2019Mendix, a Siemens business and the global leader in low-code and no-code application development for the enterprise, today announced the availability of its Summer ’19 Release, which introduces Mendix Studio and Studio Pro, an integrated development environment that delivers game-changing capabilities to the industry by supporting a range of developer skill-sets. The Mendix platform now includes the second generation of Mendix Assist, the industry’s first and most powerful AI tool for building low-code apps, and that is designed expressly for both citizen and professional developers.

And in another industry first, Mendix Summer ’19 Release brings true native mobile development capabilities to the world of low-code, enabling developers of any skillset to build consumer-grade apps that drive innovation, power the workforce, and increase customer engagement.

Taken together these enhancements underscore once again Mendix’s premier position as the technology and market leader in low-code, while continuing to upend and redefine the way modern software must be built in the 21st century.

First, Summer ’19 Release expands dramatically the number of people who can fully participate in software creation, and increases the speed with which they can deliver value. Next, it pairs these capabilities with proper IT governance and guardrails in a transparent, integrated environment that ensures continued performance and availability of the organization’s core digital systems. Finally, it expands the types of applications that can be delivered to include native mobile, conversational apps, chatbots, and a range of augmented reality, virtual reality, and wearables.

A Win-Win Solution to Leverage the Enterprise’s Full Spectrum of Developer Talent

The new capabilities of Summer ’19 Release are targeted at eliminating the tremendous pressure on today’s IT departments who lack the staff, time, and resources to deliver a growing backlog of digital solutions for business-critical needs. Mendix closes this gap by empowering nontechnical business experts with accessible entry points to develop applications for the enterprise.

Mendix Studio’s highly intuitive, drag-and-drop interface empowers tech-savvy business users with a newfound ability to generate value from static data assets such as Excel spreadsheets. Nontechnical “no-coders” can transform such information into live, scalable, interactive applications within minutes. Excel data, when imported into Mendix’s IDE, is quickly converted into applications via preformatted design templates, eliminating the need for CSS coding.

“With Mendix, we’re able to include people from across our organization in building the software we need. We’re not limited by siloes. Business users and professional developers collaborate on one platform to build the solutions we need,” said Steve Ledwith, vice president of engineering, eXp Realty.

At the same time, Mendix’s platform enables IT to maintain full visibility and control over the application’s governance, security, and performance.

AI Advances Low-Code Software Development Across the Enterprise

The second-generation of Mendix Assist, a ground-breaking AI tool that helps build low-code apps, shortens the learning curve for new developers who need next-step guidance as they create their apps. It also enables experienced developers to accelerate repetitive tasks, avoid errors, and improve software quality. To develop Mendix Assist’s algorithm, the machine learning software was trained on data culled from five million application models drawn from 15 industries over 10 years.

 Version 2.0 is uniquely positioned among AI-assisted development products in being context aware, with 95 percent accuracy in its top-line recommendations. Mendix Assist advises developers on actions to take both before and after the specific activity they are working on. Mendix Assist also makes recommendations based on the larger context of the specific web page or event that triggered the current activity. In an effort to further aid developers modeling complex activities, Mendix Assist not only advises on next-step actions, but can also recommend actions in previous logical steps. 

“What Mendix is doing with AI-assisted development is where we see the future of low-code going. It’s not just about helping new developers, it’s another path to accelerating enterprise application delivery,” said Frank DeGeorge, CTO & partner at Impact Networking.

First to Market with True Native Mobile Development for Low-Code

Mendix continues to push the boundaries of what low-code technology can deliver and is now the only low-code application development platform that can deliver true native mobile applications. By integrating low-code abstraction of iOS, Android, Java, and Objective-C programming into Mendix Studio Pro, the Summer ’19 Release empowers all developers to deliver consumer-grade UX on mobile apps containing the native, device-specific gestures, animations, and micro-interactions that users now expect.

Summer ’19 Release’s ability to let developers reuse a single set of application models and integrations when building native mobile apps, mobile web apps, and traditional web applications also reduces the stress on IT department time and resources.

“Developing our application on Mendix was about giving our customers the self-service access to their finances on every channel they use without having to write and maintain multiple code bases,” said Joost Landman, business architect at Rabobank.

With the Mendix Summer ’19 Release, developers can now access all these powerful mobile development features:

  • 50+ pre-built connectors to mobile device capabilities, such as camera, geolocation, biometric authentication, and Bluetooth enablement, plus next-gen services like conversational chatbots and voice interfaces such as Alexa and Siri
  • Offline-first design for building reliable apps that maintain a good user experience when network connectivity is poor or even nonexistent
  • A rich set of out-of-the-box UI components, including maps, sliders, progress circles and bars, tab containers, and barcode scanners. Developers can also build their own reusable components based on React Native or use a new, built-in JavaScript editor to create custom reusable device activities and application logic.

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The Mendix Summer ’19 Release delivers multiple low-code industry firsts including enhancements to Mendix Assist and Mendix Native Mobile, and a ground-breaking single unified low-code development platform designed for use by both citizen and professional developers.

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