Mendix Features & Tools for Professional Developers

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Low-code IDE for pro developers. No BS.

Simply a much faster way to build apps and systems.

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Extend your apps with custom code

Mendix offers openness and extensibility at all levels, providing open model specifications and tools for platform extensibility. Your application can be extended with reusable components as well as custom code while leveraging third-party testing services and automation servers.

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The right tools for your righteous apps

Use any tools or cloud services you need to create your app experience and deploy to the right cloud platform for your workloads. Fully open, our pluggable platform architecture allows you to leverage open standards and open source for ease of interoperability and extensibility. And, our container-based, cloud-native architecture lets you deploy to the cloud of your choice.

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Integrate to anything. That's flexibility.

Mendix supports connections to other apps and services through industry-standard interfaces and protocols such as REST, JDBC, and OData. The platform offers many solutions for ensuring that new applications can both consume and expose data and services in heterogeneous environments.

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Version, debug, and automatically refactor.

Mendix supports the use of a centralized version control repository based on Subversion (SVN), which is the Mendix Team Server. Every project built using the Mendix Platform comes with the Team Server version control system. The Team Server uses SVN technology and enables multiple developers to work on the same project, continuously merging model changes into revisions held inside the version control repository.

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Write once, deploy natively for iOS and Android.

With Mendix, you can develop, deploy, test, and manage mobile apps from a single integrated visual development environment. Mendix leverages the popular React Native framework for building mobile apps that deliver a true native experience and run both on Android and iOS. You can reuse the existing domain model, logic, and user interface components in Mendix apps.

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Deploy anywhere with CI/CD support.

Continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) is supported both in the Mendix Developer Portal and via the platform APIs. The platform APIs enable integrating with external tools to build a delivery pipeline using products like Jenkins and Visual Studio Team Services coupled with container technologies like Cloud Foundry, Kubernetes, and Docker and quality assurance services like Mendix Application Test Suite (ATS), Mendix Application Quality Monitor (AQM), and Selenium.

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Make what you want, when you want.

Your toolbox for app dev just got a whole lot bigger, faster, and stronger.