Mendix Welcomes Astrid Lausberg as New Chief People Officer

BOSTON – March 20, 2024 – Mendix, a Siemens business, has appointed Astrid Lausberg as its new Chief People Officer (CPO). Previously Head of HR Operations and HR for Product and Technology, Astrid has joined the C-suite leadership team to support Mendix, a leading low-code application development platform, as a people-centric and purpose-driven organisation. 

Since joining Mendix in 2020, Astrid has established herself as a trusted advisor for people and a champion of employee engagement. In the new role, she will continue building an employee-centric organisation that welcomes open communication, encourages feedback, provides psychological safety, and inspires innovation. The personalised approach, greater engagement, productivity, and performance, in turn, will support Mendix’s growth and be the foundation of the success of its 4,000 customers across the globe. 

“People of Mendix are truly exceptional, and their passion for innovation inspires me every day. The team drives complex digital transformation for some of the most exciting enterprises globally, and it’s my priority to build a supportive and inclusive environment where every Mendixite can thrive and continue delivering outstanding results,” says Astrid.

For Astrid, the future of HR focuses on driving tangible, measurable value, both qualitative and quantitative, across the organisation. She’s passionate about harnessing the power of data to provide real-time insights for the HR teams, and her vision extends beyond just presenting data as she aspires to combine outcomes and advance toward prescriptive analytics. 

Mendix continues its growth as a purpose-driven organisation, Astrid will also be working closely with Mia Ellis, Global Head of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, and Cristina Samaniri, Head of Social Impact, to ensure DEI and CSR strategies become a holistic part of all Mendix’s activities and processes. 

“Astrid has incredible experience in people leadership and a deep understanding of Mendix’s path and objectives,” said Raymond Kok, Chief Executive Officer at Mendix. “Her expertise in fostering a culture of innovation will be instrumental to Mendix’s growth as a leader in the low-code market and as an organisation where people thrive.”

 “In my new role as Chief People Officer, I’m working closely with Ray, who has taken the reins as our new CEO – to support the leadership team and all the people of Mendix to achieve the ambitious plans we’ve set for Mendix in 2024 and beyond. We’re excited to bring these plans to life as a cohesive team”, said Astrid.

Based in the Netherlands, Astrid has more than 15 years of experience in HR. Her work and organisational psychology education, combined with a data-oriented approach, have equipped her with the skills to navigate complex challenges and implement effective solutions at every stage of her career. As the new Mendix’s Chief People Officer, Astrid has replaced Lara Pyko, who is taking up a new role as head of human resources at Siemens Austria.

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