Achieve Digital
Transformation Success

Watch the entire video series

Watch the entire video series

Tangible Digital Transformation Tactics

Attaining digital transformation success can be like climbing a mountain with no peak in sight. It makes sense, too, especially when you consider what goes into successful digital transformation. How do you change the minds of an entire organization? How do you define processes around creating innovative, business-altering software solutions? In what new and inventive ways can you keep customers engaged?

In this series of videos, Mendix executives and customer share their methods for achieving digital transformation success.

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Looking to take your digital transformation vision from doing to done? Hear what Digital Transformation Advisor Rob Llewellyn and Mendix CMO Nick Ford have to say about assessing your organization, overcoming common pitfalls, and gaining buy-in on that vision.

Ready to make the change but your organization isn’t? Mendix CIO Arno Burggraaf knows that the key lies in application development. In his video, he shares tips on how to re-structure your org to bring more people into the development process, align their goals to your vision, and instill in them a change-ready mindset.

Want to see digital transformation success in action? Look no further than Al Baraka bank, who in just a matter of months went from dipping their toes in the digital transformation waters to making waves with their mobile banking customer portal. Hear their story.