Build an Intelligent Customer Portal for Incident Management

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Leveraging Mobile, AI, and Low-Code for Best-in-Class Customer Experiences


If your customer service processes primarily consist of manual emails, phone calls, or in-person conversations — then you’re doing it wrong. Your customers want a frictionless, on-demand, and personalized experience when they interact with your brand. In fact, Gartner predicts that “by 2022, 85% of customer service interactions will start with self-service, up from 48% in 2019.”*

So how do you get it right? You’ll find out how when you watch our build of a self-service customer portal using Mendix Workflow.

Great customer experience starts with effective internal process management. When you improve the processes involving your customers, everyone benefits, including your organization’s employees. In this demo you’ll learn more about:

  • Creating a customer portal with out-of-the-box Mendix functionality, including a task inbox and associated dashboard for internal users
  • Optimizing the customer interaction process that touches both employees and customers
  • Digitizing an entire customer experience with native mobile capabilities
  • Integrating third-party APIs, such as Google Cloud’s Vision, for intelligent automation

The way you interact with your customers is an extension of your brand, and an essential part of your marketing and customer service strategies. Building with Mendix means you can develop your solution fast and deliver a great user experience with native mobile capabilities.

Watch now to find out why low-code is the best solution for building best-in-class customer experiences.

*Gartner. The Future of the Customer Engagement Center, Paul Nadine LeBlanc, Brian Manusama, Olive Huang, 09 July 2019