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Digital Disconnect: A Study of Business and IT Alignment

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Perception versus reality

Perception: 95% of IT and business stakeholders believe that IT involvement in strategic initiatives add value. IT is no longer a cost center, but a value creator that allows the business to achieve great outcomes like driving additional revenue, responding faster to change, reducing costs, and fostering innovation. Organizations achieve amazing business outcomes when IT and business stakeholders work together.

Reality: Unfortunately, there’s a disconnect between IT and the business on whether or not IT is funded properly and how responsive they are to business needs. 61% of business stakeholders say that IT implements less than half of their proposed IT solutions. And when those solutions are implemented 66% of the time, it takes six or more months. Research shows that this has led to a proliferation in Shadow IT.

See the current perception meet reality in Dimensional Research’s Mendix-sponsored survey “Digital Disconnect: A Study of Business and IT Alignment in 2019.”

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  • How 70% of IT believes the growth of Shadow IT is bad, while 69% of business stakeholders believe it’s good
  • How 58% of business stakeholders would prefer to build applications themselves
  • How an overwhelming majority of IT and business stakeholders believe low-code platforms would add value with proper governance