Extend Your ERP and CRM to Digitize Business Processes

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Extend Your ERP and CRM to Digitize Business Processes

It’s difficult to tailor your ERP or CRM systems to your business processes. Oftentimes, your users buy or build custom applications to help fill the functionality gaps between systems — leaving them with a poor user experience through which they struggle to complete tasks such as a standard inventory check or managing approvals.

With low-code, give your employees the experience, functionalities, and insights they need from your ERPs and CRMs and other systems of record.

Watch our Mendix Spotlight session, where we dive into how to use low-code development to easily build bolt-on functionalities to your core systems of record so that you can automate critical business processes.

In this session, we’ll walk you through building a mobile inventory management application that extends core systems and connects to other third party integrations. You’ll learn how to:

  • Unite and extend your core systems of record, such as Salesforce and SAP, into one view
  • Automate tedious manual processes, such as logging tasks in Salesforce, adding photos and comments to returned items for inventory, and approval workflows
  • Bring the user’s task to them on any device by building a mobile application in React Native
  • Easily build, maintain, and iterate business process applications with low-code versus traditional programming