Low Code for Utilities

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High Efficiency with Low Code for Utilities

The energy industry has endured significant change in the last decade. Market forces such as decarbonization and energy transition to renewables has increased the rate of change on the industry.

*59% of utility executives report the pace of digital transformation for their organization is accelerating.

Australia’s energy ecosystem is rapidly transforming towards a decentralised, two-way energy system, driven by the rapid uptake of household and commercial solar generation and energy storage.

Batteries, roof top solar, electric vehicles and micro grids have all added to market disruption presenting significant opportunities for innovation with new products and services.

Digital transformation programmes for Utilities will determine how well you are able to meet opportunities. However traditional software development approaches to digital systems delivery are too slow, too expensive and can restrict transformation efficiency.

Mendix has solved this problem for 1000’s of customers worldwide including large Utilities, such as bam, Enexis.

This brief 30-min webinar will cover:

  • What is Low Code – the new model for digitization
  • Utility Case Studies
  • Q&A

*Technology Vision 2021, Copyright @ 2021 Accenture